Rachel and Andrew

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cape May Zoo, Santa's Workshop

How We Met

Andrew and I were originally in the same French class in 2007. He was very much a teenage boy in every sense of the word, and I wanted NOTHING to do with him. For the next 8 years, I was in a disastrous relationship that I felt like I couldn’t escape. Once or twice over that time, I sent Andrew some of the stories and poetry I had written, sending it to someone who I wasn’t exactly friends with meant more honest feedback in my opinion. In 2016, I was in the stock room at work and my phone pinged, Facebook felt it was necessary to inform me that it was Andrew’s birthday. I sent him a generic birthday message, and we talked every day since then. This meant skipping my naps during my break at work, staying up later than I normally should or would have, and telling him things I never thought I would tell anybody. Then came the big hurdle, I had to figure out the way to tell him that I suffered from heart problems. It took me months to get the courage, but eventually I just said it. I was expecting him to disappear off the face of the earth at that point, but, no. To my surprise he was like “okay well I didn’t fall for you because you weren’t sick, so the fact that you are sick doesn’t change anything”. We hadn’t seen each other since high school when I decided to come over one day. When I came over (after getting lost trying to find the place), he gave me a box with a hibiscus flower necklace inside. A month later, March 21, 2017, we officially started dating and have been inseparable ever since.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cape May Zoo, Santa's Workshop

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cape May Zoo, Santa's Workshop

How They Asked

The two of us, along with my nine year old sister, had gone to the Cape May Zoo’s Santa Workshop. At this event, they have Santa and Mrs. Claus, as well as painted ornaments and canvases that were done by the animals for sale. We got in the Santa line and had my sister see Santa, and Santa and Mrs. Claus tried to get us in the picture too, but I declined. As we were beginning to leave, my chest started to hurt (in regards to my afformentioned heart problems, nothing I couldn’t handle), and I had to keep sitting down. We made it almost all the way to the car before Andrew was like “you know, maybe you’ll feel better if you go sit with Santa, too”. So we dropped off our purchased ornaments and canvas, and we went back to see Santa again. After waiting in line for awhile, it was our turn so the three of us got a picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus. We went to walk away and after my sister moved, Andrew said we should get a picture with the two of us and the two of them, so I sat back down on the edge of the chair next to Mrs. Claus. The woman went to take the picture, and instead of posing, Andrew walked around and got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Our proposals are infamous amongst our friends because Mrs. Claus looks even more excited than I do! After it was over, Santa made them take a Polaroid of the four of us so that they could keep it. They had been married for 51 years, and playing Santa and Mrs. Claus for over 20 years and had never had someone propose infront of them before. I got to be proposed to be my very best friend, at my very favorite place, infront of Santa and his wife.