Rachel and Zach

Image 1 of Rachel and Zach

I knew he had the ring already and I had known for months… I was literally bursting to know when he was going to pop the question. By August, I had already been waiting for TWO months so I was beginning to believe it just might not happen any time soon. Anyways, my family was flying into town from Florida and he wanted to show them around his hometown. When my family arrived at his house, his parents, sister, and brother-in-law took us on a tour of their hometown. It was soooo sweet seeing our families getting a long so well. Zach decided that he wanted to show my family the Guntersville State Park. Once we arrived at the park, Zach insisted that we go to the lodge to get the best view of the park. This lodge has two balconies, a big bottom balcony and a smaller top balcony. Both our families walked onto the bottom balcony. We were all taking pictures together having conversations and just enjoying the company. Next thing I knew everyone was gone and just Zach and I were standing there. A few minutes later our families appeared on the top balcony and were looking over us. I told Zach that we should probably go up there with them. He stated that we don’t get much alone time and that we should take advantage of the times. I agreed and stayed with him. I was looking out at the lake and he reached over, grabbed my hand, and got down on one knee.

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He pulled out this beautiful ring and I immediately started crying. I don’t even remember what he said I was just so happy. Zach says I never even actually said “yes”, I just shook my head. (He later asked me if I said yes). After a few pictures, Zach and I joined our families for some more pictures. Then we all headed back to Zach’s parents house where all of his family was waiting to celebrate with us. It was a wonderful day that I will never forget. He put so much thought into that day just to make it extremely special for me.

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