Rachel and William

Image 1 of Rachel and William

I met William through a friend. I had just bought a condo in Atlanta and decided to go out with my new neighbor one night. A group of us ended up back at her place and William came over. He was sitting under a tall plant in her living room. We hung out a few times in group settings and then he went to India for vacation for an entire month. We talked almost everyday that he was gone. The night he came home it was storming so badly. He had just traveled across the world for over 30 hours trying to get home and he was exhausted. I somehow convinced him to come hang out. Flash forward to 6 years later and William proposed to me on my birthday. We had gone to dinner with friends. My neighbor, Valerie, who introduced us dropped us off at home. William and I were sitting on the patio having one last drink and he asked if I wanted my birthday present. He would always wait until it was almost midnight and my birthday was almost over. He goes inside to retrieve my gift. I unwrapped and unwrapped before finally getting down to a small red box. I opened it and before I knew it William was on one knee proposing. It was so surreal. The ring he proposed with was a joke. He knew it wasn’t my style but hadn’t been able to find the perfect ring. He decided to go ahead and propose on my birthday because he loves how much I love my birthday! We decided to go together and pick something out that we would both like. We are currently planning a wedding here in Atlanta at the Atlanta History Center on 6/30/18.

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James Allen
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