Rachel and Vik

How We Met

A mutual friend of ours introduced us, after a week of being introduced, he (Vik) messaged me. We started chatting, getting to know each other and dating. From there onwards a relationship started to developed but my amazing fiancé always had big Plans and to do things differently with us. He always mentioned that I’m his special and amazing girl. After months of dating, On November 30th 2016, he mentioned that he had a big surprise for me and hope that I’m ready for it. It was definitely something new and convinces me to step out of my comfort zone.

He took me to his workplace, which is at the airport, oh yes my fiancé is an amazing, talented pilot, he is really amazing at what he does. To my surprise, he rented a private plane and was taking me for a flight over the Caribbean seas. I was definitely excited, the amazing pilot that he is, he ensured that I was safe and all buckled to my seat, making sure I was comfortable. It was amazing, just him and I flying over the beautiful oceans and scenic landscapes, until midway of the flight, to my another surprise he pulled out a card and gave me it saying to read everything. He wrote everything that he admired and loved about me until the last few lines asking “ will you be my girlfriend?”

Obviously I was bubbling with excitement and replied “yes, I would love to be your girlfriend” it couldn’t be a more romantic gesture, lingering above the beautiful ocean overlooking the islands. He mentioned that it couldn’t be more perfect than having the two things that he loves soo much which were having me there to experience his hobby that he enjoys which is flying. He wanted this day to be special like every other things he planned in future and wanted these moments to be special for us. That was the beginning of celebrating our love and it couldn’t be more perfect.

how they asked

On September 2nd in Paris, this Amazing guy asked me to be his wife ❤️ what started off as a casual weekend trip, ended up being one of the best trips of our lives. When we first met, I told him I would love to visit Paris one day, it’s a perfect romantic getaway to experience. Without a doubt I had no idea my fiancé was planning this for months, I was only told after how much preparation he did to make this trip so special for both of us. He was able to kept this Secret from me for months, until we reached by the gate to board the plane to go Paris. He did all the checking inns making sure I didn’t look at the boarding pass to see where our destination was.

I was astounded because he managed to pull off what was a dream of mines to reality. On September 2nd, he suggested that we wake up early to have breakfast, but this day he wanted us to dressed a little more extra ?. We had an early morning walk to jardins du trocadéro where the view literally takes your breath away.?? It was pretty cold out there but I was able to get through it. We were just taking pics on our phone with the amazing view of the Eiffel Tower and I kept asking him ‘babe where is the breakfast place?’ ? he said just now we are just enjoying the view. But he seemed very uneasy on his phone, communicating with the photographer, which I didn’t know at the time, trying to get the perfect moment.

He then gently held my hands and said the kindest words to me, got on his knees and pulled out the most beautiful ring and asked, “Will you marry me” ??? He definitely caught me off guard, I was surprised and i couldn’t be happier than saying YES to becoming your wife forever.

He knew how much I love collecting memories on photos and invited @linhbaybong to take photos of us without me knowing. Thank you for these lovely photos linh ?. It was truly unexpected and such a beautiful experience, it was even more than I ever dreamt of, I love you to the moon and back @vik_ssl ?❤️. Thank you for this amazing experience. Paris you’ll always have a special place in our hearts ❤️??

Special Thanks

Linh Baybong
 | Photographer