Rachel and Vic

How We Met: Vic and I met back IMG_2973in September 2012 during the lowest point in my life. I had just lost my mother to pancreatic cancer that June and even though there was stability—I moved into my own place, got promoted in my job—I was having a hard time coping with the loss of my mom.

I met him on a dating website… And the most least-liked one too—Plenty of Fish! Out of all the crazy ‘fish’ out there, he was the one I reeled in.

We got married on my birthday, January 4, 2014 and give birth to our baby boy this past March. Being Filipino and very family-oriented, I’m so thankful to have met someone who could win not only my heart, but the hearts of my family as well.

We’re in sync with each other, we say things at the same time, and we talk things out as a team and compromise. He saved me; he’s my blessing in disguise, my rainbow after the rain.

how they asked: I had just gotten out of work and he asked if I was hungry for lunch. I was starving so we went to my place and I spruce up a bit (thank goodness too) and he mentioned about going to this restaurant at Balboa Park. We got there and it was super packed.

Turns out there was a cultural event going on. At this point I was already kind of cranky due to hunger on top of trying to find parking and the crowds. He said he wanted to go on a walk first and I gave him a look like “Really?!” We ended up at the fountain. On one of our first few dates I took him there and he said it was when he knew he loved me.


He started talking about when we first met and in that moment I knew he was going to ask me. My hearing went fuzzy and I could see him talking but all I could hear were murmurs. Then he got down on one knee and I saw the ring.


My vision blurred and I said yes. He told me to turn one way and saw our photographer hiding behind a tree waving!


He had everything planned and luckily with the event going on everybody cleared out once they knew what was happening which is why there were clear shots. Now happily married for about a year and a half with a 5 month old baby boy we couldn’t be any happier. We have yet to eat at that restaurant but when we move back that’s one of the first places we’ll hit up.