Rachel and Tyler

How We Met

Three years ago…
Things were so different for both Tyler and I.
Tyler had just begun his training at COC to become an EMT, and I was just halfway through my junior year of high school. We had known each other since the previous year (October of 2012), and little did I know, Tyler had been developing a HUGE crush on me since the very first day we met. On February 14, 2013, however, our relationship became a little more defined – holding hands on his faded old futon mattress after a romantic night of music, origami, and conversation hearts, Tyler first asked me to be his girlfriend.
As time passed, Tyler and I only grew closer. We went to concerts together, made new friends together, took trips together, went to school together, moved in together, and even had our first child, together.
Now, three years later, here we are!

how they asked

I stepped into the grass with my daughter in my arms – it was warm and sunny out, and there was a light breeze dancing through the shade underneath the trees. Tyler spread out the pretty, pastel-pink blanket that he had just bought for the occasion, and then began unloading our picnic basket. He had brought one beautiful bottle of floral, non-alcoholic rosé, baguettes and brie, fresh grapes, chocolate macarons, and gala apples, among many more delicious snacks and sweets. With small bouquets of yellow and peach roses to hold down each of the corners of our blanket, we settled down for an hour or two – eating, laughing, talking, and playing peek-a-book with our precious daughter. Just as the sun began to set, however, Tyler guided our little one away from the patch of clovers she had been toddling around and back over to her bowl of blueberries, nearby. Then, he moved closer and laid his head on my lap. He kept telling me how much he loves me, and expressing how happy he was that we were spending our fourth Valentine’s Day, together. After a few minutes of this, he sat up. He looked into my eyes (and his are the most beautiful shade of blue), took my left hand in his, and told me that he wanted us to spend the rest of our lives together. By the time he actually asked me to marry him, I was already swimming in tears!


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