Rachel and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met at my first “real job” in 2015. It was a small company (around 20 employees) so we all worked closely together. I didn’t think much of him for a while. He was just this young, nerdy intern that was always up for a game of ping pong.

It wasn’t until about 1.5 years later when something changed. We started interacting more and I could tell he had a little crush on me. It was more entertaining to me than anything, and all the meanwhile, I was still on Tinder/Bumble, swiping for a boyfriend.

I wasn’t interested and just knew we weren’t a good fit. We contrasted in about every way possible. We had about a 3.5-year age difference. He lived with his parents. I owned a condo. He was enrolled in community college. I had graduated from university. He was a cat person, and I, a dog person. It just wasn’t going to work.

It wasn’t until we went to a conference for work when the flirtation came to a head and he finally admitted (in a very high school way) that he “liked” me. I told him I didn’t feel the same way, but I enjoyed spending time with him and that we could be friends. So when we got back from the conference, we did just that. Or tried.

For months, we fell into this cycle of him trying to persue me, me denying him, and then talking to him on FaceTime for hours at night. Until I decided we were only going to get more attached if we kept going like that, so I told him we needed to stop. He told me if that’s really what I wanted then he’d respect my decision and move on. But he told me to take the night and make sure that’s what I really wanted, and I could let him know the next day.

The next morning I called him, and basically told him “what the hell” I have nothing to lose. Let’s do this. So we told our parents and friends, and thus began our dating journey.

How They Asked

Like many people, 2020 added a funky twist to our year. We had a trip planned to Banff, Canada in June. He knew it was on my bucket list of places to visit, and that my dream would be to get engaged there (or somewhere similar). So I had an inkling that he’d pop the question there. And then of course, COVID hit the world and our trip to Canada got cancelled.

At that point I knew he had bought a ring, and it just felt like a waiting game. So when we went on hikes, or planned a date or did anything out of the ordinary, I was always wondering if he was going to do it. But he didn’t.

Because we weren’t going to get our typical vacation, and we both had the flexibilty to work remotely, we decided to rent a house in Colorado for a month. We had been talking about moving here for a while, and thought this could be a good trial run, plus vacation.

Honestly, I knew if he didn’t do it in Charlotte before we left, it was probably going to happen in CO. Or maybe we’d just never get engaged lol. So after we got here, I planned a quick stop to get my nails done in Denver, just in case.

I had downloaded the app “All Trails”, which is essentially a database of all kinds of trails. I had saved a few that were nearby that I wanted to try. Since we were working EST hours, we got off around 3p MT, so that gave us plenty of daylight.

I found a trail that looked beautiful and showed it to Tyler. He agreed to go, and after work on a Tuesday we hopped in the car and drove to the Breckenridge trail. When we got there, it was absolutely gorgeous. Crystal clear lake, mountains, evergreens, sun slowly setting – It couldn’t have been more picturesque. But when we got down to the bottom in search of the trail, we realized the water was too high and we couldn’t cross.

Since we still had plenty of daylight, I asked Tyler if he wanted to leave so we could find another trail. There was another couple coming down in our direction and he said we should just wait and skip rocks (lol). So we waited and I took pictures of the beautiful scenery. As I was taking pictures, Tyler said my name.

I turned around to him on one knee, holding the ring up with both hands, followed by “Will you marry me?”

And for those of you wondering, Tyler has convereted into a dog person. We had the sweetest rescue, and we are both in love with her!

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