Rachel and Ty

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How We Met

About three years ago, I went to a birthday party for a friend of a friend and met Ty for the very first time. As soon as I saw him, I asked my friend “Who is THAT?” and asked her to immediately introduce me. Ty and I hit it off from the start but I had been burned by past relationships and was taking some time off from guys. Nonetheless, Ty and I saw each other often and quickly became the best of friends. After almost a year of friendship, I realized how insanely in love with him I was and wrestled with myself over three months on whether I should act on my feelings, risking Ty’s and I’s friendship or just keep it to myself. I decided that if I didn’t tell him how I felt I would end up regretting it for the rest of my life (now that I am here submitting this, I realize just how true this statement is). So I swallowed my fear and sat him down and said “I never believed you could fall in love with someone without knowing that they felt the same about you until I met you.

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I have feelings for you, deep deep feelings, regardless of your feelings for me and this is the scariest moment of my life, but if there’s even a slight possibility you feel a quarter of what I feel for you, it is totally worth it.” I said this all very fast and on the verge of tears which quickly turned into happy tears when Ty replied with “I have been struggling the past year of knowing you feeling the way I do, but was so scared to risk our friendship. I feel exactly the same way, if not more Rachel, you are my very best friend.” I had my total Gordo finally wins over Lizze McGurie, Harmonie ends up with Ron moment and it is still to this day (well until September 9th, 2017, that is) the best day of my life.

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how they asked

After a few months of dating, Ty took me to Gruene Historic District, a famous area in the Texas Hill Country for a romantic getaway. I knew that Ty wanted to tell me that he loved me for the very first time during this trip and was over the moon excited because I knew I had been in love with him before we had even started dating and was more than ready to take this step. We toured the town, had lunch at the infamous Gristmill Restaurant and took a lovely stroll by the river. As we walked along the river bank, I could tell that he was mentally encouraging himself to tell me those three little words but as we walked, I could see the confidence leave him and anxiety took over.

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Ty ended up not telling me he loved me while we were there, so later that night I said it first because I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. Ty was so bummed that I had beat him to it and swore to me that one day he would make it up to me one day. Visiting Gruene soon turned into a routinely trip for us to take, soon becoming our favorite spot, so it didn’t hit me as out of the norm when Ty suggested that we take a day trip there on September 9th, 2017, a couple years into dating. I had just started student teaching and was in need of a weekend getaway.

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When we arrived we went back to the Gristmill Restaurant and then headed down to the river as is our custom. We were walking along the river bank, when Ty started to reminisce on how far we had come since being friends and how he thinks he even knew the first night that we met, that I was the one for him. I turned to face him to give him a peck on the cheek, when he picked me up, set me up on a rock and got down on one knee as he pulled a gorgeous ring from his pocket and said “The first time I brought you here, I had every intention of telling you how in love with you I was and to say I love you for the first time and I chickened out.

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So today, I wanted to bring you back here to tell you that I want to love you forever. You’re my best friend. Always have been, always will be. Will you marry me?” Pulling my jaw up from off the ground from how shocked I was, I jumped and wrapped my legs around him and tried to not soak his shirt with my happy tears.

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Just as he put me down, he turned me around to see my two best friends with the hugest zoom lens I had ever seen on a camera, who were there to capture our special moment as well as to celebrate with us. After the excitement died down a little, Ty looked at me and said “I told you I would make it up to you.” and boy, he was right.

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