Rachel and Trevor

Rachel and Trevor's Engagement in Champagne region of France (town called Epernay)

How We Met

It was the beginning of my second semester of community college and all I was focused on was getting in and out of my classes since making friends, let alone finding anyone to date, seemed impossible for me (I had ended a long relationship just before starting college). Math class was the one I was the most anxious about leaving each day since I was never that great at it and the teacher was totally out there. After a few class sessions, I started noticing this guy sitting in the next row and he was totally cute- super tall, athletic and had the most gorgeous eyes and smile! Every day after that I would talk to his friend next to him in class in the hopes of him joining the conversation and after a few weeks of persistence he finally started to talk to me (he totally pulled a Cady Heron on me and pretended he needed help with math but he really didn’t!). There was something about him that totally made me nervous but left me wanting to know more, and the week that we started to talk over Facebook messenger he asked me out on a date! We went to the movies and dinner and as nervous as I was (I could barely eat my food) I had the best time, and things took off quickly after that! Little did I know he had his eyes on me since the first day of class, he was just too nervous to talk to me until almost two months later! We have been together now for five and a half years with us going to different universities and living in different cities along the way but it has been so worth it for this man.

how they asked

After I travelled to Italy last year for my college graduation, I was bit by the travel bug and wanted to go back to Europe. Trevor and I decided at the beginning of this year to book a trip to Paris and spend a few days in the middle of our trip in the Champagne region of France (he is in the wine industry so it was a must for us!).

August finally came and we had an incredible first few days in Paris seeing everything we could, walking everywhere, and eating the best food! On Wednesday we got a rental car and drove to Epernay where we had two Chateau tours set up by Trevor’s work for us. The first place we went was Nicolas Feuillate and we had an amazing private tour of the facility which finished off with a seated tasting of six different champagnes. We had gorgeous views of the countryside and vineyards and I was so focused on tasting the champagnes that I had no idea our tour guide was waiting for a cue from my now fiancé.

We started to taste the fifth champagne and Trevor interrupted her and said “Before we continue on to the next one…” and took me by the hand, told me that he couldn’t imagine spending the rest of his life with anyone else, and asked me to marry him! I was in such shock after saying yes but so happy that I didn’t notice our tour guide taking pictures of the whole thing! We enjoyed the rest of our time in the wine country and back in Paris before telling our families once we got back to celebrate!

Proposal Ideas Champagne region of France (town called Epernay)