Rachel and Tim

How We Met: I had just moved to Arizona and unnamed-4decided to visit a restaurant with my friend Jenny that I had only been to once before.

When we got there I noticed the cute manager was working again. I was too nervous to talk to him, but when he came behind the bar Jenny was my awesome wing woman and started talking to him.

We started talking and realized we had a lot in common, and one of those things was that we both went to church. So by the time we were ready to leave Jenny convinced me to leave my number on the receipt.

I decided I would and wrote the cheesiest thing ever: “Here’s my number. Maybe we can sit by each other in church.” Well it worked because he called me!

unnamed-1how they asked: Tim drives for Lyft, and told me that a lady who works for the city of Tempe gave him a coupon to rent a boat on Tempe Town Lake after a ride.

I was so excited because we had been looking for outdoorsy things to do. So we got to the lake and instead of stopping at the window, we walked straight to the dock and no one stopped us.

I said “thats strange, anyone can just walk up and get a boat?” and he said “yeah I guess so” (he already planned it). It was extremely windy that day so they had a wind advisory up and we could only go out so far.

We were on a peddle boat, so it was really hard to go past a certain point. Tim kept wanting to go farther and farther until my legs hurt too bad to go anywhere else.

We finally stopped to take pictures with the sunset in the background.

He asked me to take a selfie of the two of us and when I did he pulled out the ring! The thing was, I had no idea. I stopped mid picture taking to point out the water filling up the boat.

So we tried this whole picture taking thing again, and this time snapped the most frame worthy picture of all time. I was oblivious to the fact that I was smiling for the camera while he held the box out in plain site.


It wasn’t until I turned around that I saw the most beautiful piece of jewelry I had ever seen! We laughed because I had no idea that was in the picture and cried because we were so happy!!