Rachel and Thomas' Adorable Proposal


How We Met: Thomas and I met in youth group when we were in high school and right then knew we’d be best friends. It started with a little flirting and ended up in assuming we were together. I knew he was special when he made a friendship with my dad and respected him. The high school relationship lasted a while but then ended after we realized life decisions were about to be made and the potential separation of location.  During the two years we weren’t together, it was obvious we were both missed. Circumstances brought us back to the same friend circle and we began to see each other more frequently. After losing my dad, I had Thomas’ comfort and accountability and knew that I had my dad’s favor in our marriage without a word being said. Thomas doesn’t only love me but he loves my life and what I have to offer. I know that Thomas is my forever comforter and provider and we cannot wait to spend our lives together.

how they asked: Thomas and I worked at a guest ranch in Northern California this summer. We’ve always been long distance so it was a treat to have him in the same location for a short time. One evening, a few days before we headed home, he asked if I wanted to take one more motorcycle ride before the end of the summer (motorcycle rides were out date nights). Thinking nothing of it, I hopped on the motorcycle. We drove up to a familiar bridge covered in candles and daisies. Our song started playing, I spotted three dozen roses and knew that this was no ordinary date. After telling me all of the sweet things fiancés love to hear, but never remember, he got down on one knee and asked me to become his wife. We all know the answer…





Photos by MGB Photography