Rachel and Stuart

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How We Met

From the very first moment I met Stuart, I knew that he was going to be apart of my life. We met working on the same film set I as an actor and he as a cinematographer. Walking away from that first film set he left a deep impression on me. I couldn’t wait to work with him again and immediately said yes when he asked me to work on another project. I will never forget the period of time that came after. Long coffee dates and late nights of seemingly endless conversations. He moved me, inspired me, and understood me in the deepest of ways. By the time that project was in completion he was one of my best friends. I knew then that it could be so much more. I knew that if we decided to step down that path there would be no turning back, that it would lead us here to these moments. I just never dreamt it could be so beautiful.

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how they asked

Stuart popped the question at Skagefla in Geirangerfijord Norway! It was the second day of our vacation. We had a kayak trip planned that morning to Skagefla and when we woke up it was pouring rain! We decided we would go anyway even if we couldn’t climb the mountain. As we were getting our kayaks the sun started to peek over the mountains in the distance! Stuart hadn’t brought his camera because he didn’t want to get it wet and he now insisted he had to run and get it! I waited with the kayaks while he ran back to the hotel. Little did I know the ring was in the camera case! He insisted I take the camera in my kayak (he was convinced that he was going to tip over). We kayaked through geirangerfijord and by the time we got to the trail head the weather was BEAUTIFUL! We decided to make the climb. We pulled our kayaks up on the ledge and climbed the hour to skagefla, an abandoned farm overlooking the seven sisters waterfall. When we got to the top it was breathtaking!!! Stuart and I sat for several moments holding one another taking it all in. Then we set up the tripod to take some pictures. Stuart walked up to me to pose for a picture and gave me this look and I knew!!! He got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. I was so overwhelmed with happiness and the beauty of the moment. It had been yes for a long time. It was even more increadible that I had thought possible. Just remembering it brings tears of happiness back into my eyes.

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