Rachel and Ryan

How we met: We met when I started my new job as a manager at PetSmart. He use to have the position and he trained me how to do it. We instantly connected and both knew that this was what we had always been looking for. We met in September of 2013, we started dating in January of 2014 and he proposed June of 2014. When you know, you know!!

Image 1 of Rachel and Ryan

how they asked: Ryan and I planned a day trip to San Francisco to watch a Giants game. We are huge Giants Baseball fans! We woke up early saturday morning got on our plane and headed off. We arrived to SF and immediately went to the game. Unfortunately, the Giants lost that game but after it ended we wanted to get as close to the field as possible to take some pictures. Before we did, I went to the restroom. While I was away, a stranger approached Ryan and told him he had an extra ticket for the season holder appreciation field day and he could have it. Ryan was ecstatic because he was trying to figure out a way to get on the field so he could propose. Well, I come back from the bathroom and Ryan tells me his great news. The big baby I am, didn’t want to sneak on so we started going back and forth about it. He started to tear up and get upset, and at this point, I didn’t understand why. The strangers son saw us and came up to me and took off his bracelet and gave it to me. I couldn’t believe that these strangers were giving us their passes! Well, we get on the field walk around a bit and Ryan takes me as close as possible to the pitchers mound. He then starts to tell me how much he loves me and will care and provide for me, and I start to realize what is about to happen and then he asks me to marry him! How could I not say no to the love of my life ON Giants field?!