Rachel and Ryan

How We Met

We met at our schools cafeteria. I was too nervous to go talk to her because I thought she was so far out of my league. She had found out I was interested in her and was tired of waiting for me to make the first move so she ended up making the first move. She walks over to me at dinner and says “I heard you are too nervous to come and talk to me?” Now I am engaged to her!

how they asked

It was the day before Valentine’s, we drove over to the beach in the morning to where I first asked her to be my girl. We arrived at one of her favorite restaurants and decided to walk the beach first. I surprised her with a photo book of our relationship. The photo book told a story of our relationship. On the last page there was no picture, just a caption. With the last words of the page it read “and today I ask you the most important question of my life.” She then gasped and turned to find me on one knee with a ring to ask her to marry her. She said yes and I am now engaged to me best friend.

Image 1 of Rachel and Ryan