Rachel and Robin

How We Met

We met a year and a half ago at our church here at college but we didn’t really get to know each other. We knew who the other was but that was it. Then the next summer we started hanging out with the same friends and had an AMAZING summer! We went on a couple of trips to the lake and to vegas all together. But we were just friends so when He asked me out the first time I said no! Of courses it didn’t help that we made out a few times. My roommate talked me into my senses and told me to give him a chance. Well since we are here, clearly I did. It was so embarrassing but I went back to him said sorry and that I would of course give things a try and go on a date with him. I didn’t really expect it to go anywhere, even then. We went to an arcade and the went star gazing in the mountains. It was super fun and things were so easy between us. That night he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. Through the next five months things were a crazy blur of holidays and dates and school! But saying yes to dating him was the best decision ever.


how they asked

Robin asked me to marry him on January 15th 2016. Talk about a great start to the new year right? We had been seriously talking about it pretty much since getting back from Christmas break and were even talking about going ring shopping together (apparently a thing that happens a lot here in Provo). But Robin wanted it to be a surprise.

Soo the Friday before we were supposed to go ring shopping we had a date planned. A nothing special dinner with his employers for this summer was what I was told. He would be there to pick me up at 8, no big deal. I was at school till 5 and got home really tired. I walk into my room and on my bed is this gorgeous black dress and a note. The note tells me to wear the dress tonight and not to be late! It was the sweetest thing! I still suspected nothing. So I try on the dress then leave to help set up an event I was partially in charge of, still wearing the dress. Then I rush back home to finish getting ready. I was ready by 8! A small miracle to be sure.

So at 8 there was a knock at the door, I answer it and there stands Robins good friend Brenden. I was shocked and I’m pretty sure I just stared at him for like 30 seconds. He hands me a note and a rose and then runs off. I turn around and two of my roommates and one boyfriend were filming me. They wouldn’t tell me why, so I read the note and it tells me to go to the ER where I work. At this point I’m crazy confused but I grab my coat and head out thinking this is one special date.

I get to the ER and feel like a total crazy person as I walk into the ER completely dressed up, wearing my tallest heels. But I walk up to the registrar and ask if she has something for me because my boyfriend told me to come here and I had no idea why. And of course she acts like I’m crazy and she has no idea what I’m talking about!!! Then she remembers, asks my name, and comes out with a second rose and note. This note is cute and mushy, then tells me to go to a gazebo on campus. At this point I am pretty sure its a proposal but i was still in denial because WE HADEN’T GONE RING SHOPPING YET!!

Anyway, I get to the gazebo expecting to see Robin but there is a third rose and note surrounded by a heart of candles. This note tells   me to go to an address in Midway, a town about 20 minutes away. So of course I do. At this point I’m sure he is going to propose to me.


Well I get there and Dax, a friend of ours, directs me to a barn. I get out of my car and through the doorway all I see is tons and tons of candles. I walk in and I don’t see anyone but I walk down a path of candles and rose petals and every few steps is another rose and note. I read them on my way until I get to the center where I turn around and Robin is standing behind me. Then he asks me to marry him and I said yes. My brother took our pictures.