Rachel and Ricky

How they Met

Rachel and Ricky are the type of people whom everyone loves after the first time they meet. They both light up any room they walk into and they can make anyone feel as though they have known them for years. Rachel and Ricky have been friends for many years and when these two love birds announced their new relationship, it was a relationship that everyone was excited for. Rachel was a ballerina and a Disney-lover, while Ricky enjoys anything that involves being outdoors such as hunting and fishing. Ricky indeed made a great “catch” when he asked Rachel to be his. In May of 2012, Ricky and Rachel attended their senior prom together. Ricky asked Rachel to prom by sticking over 200 forks in her lawn spelling out the words “Prom?” and it was then that this young boy started falling for this beautiful girl. Fast forward a couple months later when Ricky asked Rachel to be his girlfriend on the roof of the Gaylord Hotel in Orlando, Florida. It’s been 3 1/2 years since that special night, and these two incredible individuals have been capturing the hearts of everyone they meet since then. Over the years Rachel and Ricky have served as Youth Leaders for their home Church’s High School Ministry, and they have spent every Wednesday night and Sunday morning mentoring and pouring into the lives of the high schoolers in their small groups. In addition, Rachel has accompanied Ricky on many hunting and fishing trips while Ricky has so wonderfully accompanied Rachel on many Disney World trips as well. Over the years, these two have become the best of friends and have captured the hearts of everyone they have come in contact with Rachel is abundantly excited to marry the man of her dreams and she could not be more excited for all the hunting, fishing, and Disney trips they will continue to embark on as Husband and Wife.

Image 1 of Rachel and Ricky.

how they asked

On October 24th, 2015, Ricky asked Rachel to be his for the rest of his life. These two had planned a romantic picnic lunch in a local park that was designated “their picnic spot”. In the beginning on their relationship, Ricky had gifted Rachel with a charm bracelet and every few months Ricky gifts Rachel with another charm to add to her collection. In addition to a charm, Ricky usually writes a letter to Rachel and reads it to her on their picnic’s. The night before, Rachel was “100% positive a proposal was not going to happen at their picnic” because their weekend was packed full with birthday parties and a trip to the shooting range. After a few moments alone on the picnic, Ricky pulled out a letter he had written for Rachel and he began to read the words in which he had written to her. Tears began to well in Ricky’s eyes as Rachel wondered what could be possibly be going on. After Ricky had read the letter, he gifted Rachel with an engagement ring charm he had been saving for this special moment. After telling Rachel to stand up, and after reaching in his pocket, Rachel could not believe what was happening in that very moment. Rachel told us all afterwards, “I don’t remember what Ricky said when he got down on one knee, all I could see was the man of my dreams down on one knee and my only response was ‘YES!'”

Image 2 of Rachel and Ricky

Image 3 of Rachel and Ricky

Special Thanks

Justin Young
 | Photography