Rachel and Reid

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How We Met

In 2015 I began my last year of nursing school – anyone who’s done that knows that means my life pretty much consisted of studying, studying, and more studying on any given day. The only place I could really focus was at a coffee shop within walking distance of our campus called Well Coffeehouse. I spent hours and hours there every week studying, listening to music, and meeting with friends. There were a few of us regulars, and I started to notice one in particular. Reid was often there at the same time I went, and I later found out he was a musician in town who also did a lot of graphic design work for nonprofits like the Well! After some continued run ins of awkward eye contact, he started coming to my table to talk to me any time we were both there. I remember feeling so nervous and not knowing what to say because all I could think about was whatever I’d been studying that day! Eventually he asked me on a date, and the rest is history!

how they asked

Nearing the anniversary of two years from our first date, Reid suggested I take a half day from work at the hospital so we could spend the day celebrating and hike while it was still light out. I was a little suspicious at first, but he was so cool about it I thought it was just because we’d hadn’t had as much time to do things like that recently. He told me he had remembered me saying we didn’t have any good pictures together since months before, and said he thought it would be fun to hike and shoot around with my camera at this pretty place he’d heard about from one of his photographer friends.

He picked me up and nothing seemed out of the ordinary at all, so I didn’t think a thing of it. We got to this beautiful spot in the park overlooking a lake and he asked me to go stand on this ledge so he could “get his lighting.” I remember thinking it was taking him forever, but he kept asking me to stand there so I waited. He came up to me and turned me towards him, then started talking about how he knew from the first date this day would come. I was confused until I looked over and saw one of my best friends (who happens to be a photographer) taking pictures. When I looked back at him in shock, he got down on one knee! I couldn’t believe it – I even asked him and my friend if this were a “trial run” and they had to tell me to quit dancing so we could get a decent picture! It was so beautiful and surreal.

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Afterwards, he took me to dinner at the restaurant we had gone to for our first anniversary. As we finished up, I suggested we get dessert – he said that sounded good and that he had a place in mind. He started driving us, and I started to get less and less of an idea of where we were headed…until he pulled in to the parking lot of the coffee shop where we first met. We walked up and I saw my dad through the window – he had all of our closest friends and family come and they were waiting for us inside with dessert! It was the most perfect day and I couldn’t have been more surprised or delighted to celebrate our love with our loved ones.

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Special Thanks

Billi Cate Greenwell
 | Photographer