Rachel and Reid

how we met

We met through a friend of a friend. We were both at the same holiday party and even though we had know of each other before, this was the first time we really talked to each other. We started talking and couldn’t stop! I ended up leaving my phone at his apartment that night, and he wrote a nice little note on it when I came to pick it up the next day. He asked me to meet him at Starbucks one day soon and his number. How cute???

how they asked

It was a complete surprise. When we first met, he had started to build this deck down the back of his parents house that overlooked the river. I went down there a few times while it was just framing. Then the weather changed and we didn’t go down there. Life got busy and I kinda forgot about that cute little deck, but Reid didn’t. once he decided that I was the one for him, he worked diligently to finish by the time he wanted to propose. I thought we were going to his parents house to celebrate his mother’s birthday. The night before, he mentioned that the deck was done and at his mom’s birthday party he wanted to escape for a few minutes to go look at it! I thought nothing of it! When we were walking down the hill, I was so nervous about falling down the rough terrain that I hardly noticed the deck until we were right next to it. All the many months of wondering if we would ever be engaged came to a halt and my breath was completely taken away! We stood on the deck and he grabbed both of my hands and looked into my eyes and said… its’s all here, are you ready???

Special Thanks