Rachel and Nolan

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How We Met

Nolan and I actually met twice, not knowing we met the first time! We met at a bar in Uptown Dallas while out with our groups of friends. Our groups started talking with each other which led Nolan and me to get to know each other & from that night on we were inseparable! A couple months later we realized we had met each other previously a month before the night we met in Uptown. Our separate groups of friends ended up in the same corner while waiting for our Uber to pick us up. It was dark so we couldn’t see each other very well but turns out fate had another idea in mind and helped us meet again at the bar in Uptown.

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how they asked

Our friend Sami is a photographer, and she asked me if she could take some photos of us for marketing materials. It sounded believable, so I agreed to the photo shoot and said that I would have to ask Nolan just to make sure he was up for it! Little did I know, Nolan, Sami, and Sami’s husband Matt (who is Nolan’s coworker) were all in this together.

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We met them at 9:00 am on a cool Saturday morning at the Dallas Arboretum. Deep down I had always dreamed of getting engaged there at this arboretum as it is one of the most beautiful places, and not only would it make gorgeous engagement photos, but it’s a place that is built for a fairytale proposal. We first did a few shots together as a couple and then started to do individual photos. Sami placed me where she wanted me to be as “it was great lighting”… although that was true!- I had no idea that Nolan was behind me getting down on one knee.

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Sami instructed me to turn around and when I did, Nolan was down on one knee with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on him. I immediately started crying because I couldn’t believe this all was actually happening to me! After his sweet and adorable speech, I immediately said yes and could not stop smiling from excitement, crying from happy tears, and asking if this all was real! The best part was having Sami capture this whole moment so I can relive this day over and over again for years to come!

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Special Thanks

Sami Kathryn Photography
 | Photographer