Rachel and Nick

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how we met

We met at a local restaurant in universal’s city walk called nascar sports grille. It was both of ours first restaurant serving position. I worked there about a year and a half before nick though. So when he started I actually trained him as a server his first day. We still joke to this day because back then I used to wear silly band arm bracelets and as he was sweeping up our section at the end of the night he found a small silly band ring in the shape of a hippo and gave it to me as a gift. So we joke that he put a ring on it day 1!

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At that time we both were in different relationships though so we just became very good friends and would hang out after work in a group setting. After about 4 years of being very good friends, we decided to try dating (we were both out of our previous relationships by this time as well). And we were inseparable since then.

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how they asked

Our proposal happened in Tulum, Mexico at the Mayan ruins. I had booked a cruise for Nick and I as a gift and way to celebrate both our anniversary (6/14) and his birthday (6/15). On the cruise, I went to the room to take a nap and he went down to choose the excursion we would do in Mexico when we docked the next day. When I woke up he was so excited to tell me he booked a trip to the Mayan ruins.

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I am not a huge history fan so I must say I was not as thrilled as he was but I tried to be a good sport since the cruise was partly for his birthday. In Mexico, we got off the cruise ship and boarded another small ship which we were on for approx 1 hour. Then after we got off that boat we had to get on a bus for an hour. It was extremely hot out and I was frustrated with the whole experience so I was complaining and kept telling him I was going to die from heat stroke. As we got to the ruins and separated from the rest of the tour group to explore the site, Nick asked me to come up to one of the highest points to take a picture. When we got there he proposed and I was in total shock.

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Of course I said yes and then I proceeded to tell him that if I knew I wouldn’t have had such an attitude about the excursion all day. He laughed and said that he loved me regardless and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. We celebrated the rest of the day and the rest of the cruise. It was such an unexpected but perfect proposal.

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