Rachel and Nick

How We Met

As my second winter approached in Ohio in 2013, I was making some life choices to change my journey. I’d enrolled in new classes in college to no longer be a diesel technician, but to a welder. I thought of getting an easy job while I take new classes. A local truck shop was hiring a service advisor to run the counter. Seemed easy while going to college to study. I got hired and started at the end of December. My first-day training with the assistant manager, I meet him. My first thought of how incredibly cute he was! Green eyed, red-bearded, great smile; oh how witty and funny he was! I was hooked from that day on. All I wanted was to know more. Flirting at work looking under semi trucks in the pit, to needing help finding parts upstairs. His intelligence and humor were intoxicating. Eventually, we started to see each other outside of work as friends. A few months passed by having fun drifting in the snow, watching movies, going fishing, playing pool.

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As we begin to date, he’s a diesel technician now so going public was okay! Everything is wonderful, I’m happy, I follow grams advice and pick the funny guy. We have fun going to the zoo, just hanging out at the house, going to car shows. About six months into the relationship, he drops a bomb on me and wants to break up! He explained how “you’re supposed to feel something like love when it’s about six months”. Mind you he’s been single for a long time prior to me. It’s like he was shutting the door I thought I’d never see. So I put my foot in the way. I wasn’t going to let that be the reason I lost him! So I fought to see him, I fought to talk with him, I fought to open him up. I got him to realize love has no timeline. Your heart takes as long as it needs.

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We felt something more than friends, yet weren’t ready to drop the big “L” word to one another yet. You know when you want to say “I love you” to someone across the room you say ovlie juice? Well, we said olive juice to one another! As the months passed, we went on hikes, and played video games, more movies, and went out to dinner. In May of 2015, I finally got him to go kayaking with me, and that memorial weekend was when he said it! The first time he said, “I love you”! I was so happy he loves me! Things were beginning to feel like I’ve found “Mr. Right”! He’s been there when I’ve been stressed at school from taking on full-time classes, to dealing with a couple deaths in his and my families, to going to quite a few first times in Ohio and on the islands. Everything happens for reason, going through the bad led me to greater goods and a happier life! We plan to say “olive juice I do” when we get married.

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After a long day at work for both of us, we get showered and ready to go out to dinner for our second anniversary. As it’s almost time to go, I give him the metal art I made him. I made him a piece where three hearts were next to each other with “I <3 You” over the three hearts. I recorded his reaction, so when he called me into the office and saw the camera going, I thought he wanted to do the same. He tells me to open my eyes, and I’m so surprised he bought me a shotgun to go hunting with him! I turn it over to look at it further, and there engraved on the shotgun was “will you marry me”. I had always thought I’d say “are you going to kiss me or not?” When he’d finally propose. All I could get out was a crying yes when he got down on one knee presenting his grandmother’s ring. Plus he asked for my dad’s blessing first! I’m not sure who knew, but they kept the secret good!!

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