Rachel and Nicholas

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How We Met

Nick and I met at our work when I was 18. I thought he was so cute and would always try to find a reason to talk to him while I was there. Unfortunately due to cut backs he lost his job. Just over a year went by and I hadn’t seen or talked to him since he was let go. One day his dad a former police officer in the city we worked stopped into my job and we were chatting on things that had been going on in the store and families and Nick came up. He told me that he had been really sick and that he was looking for a job again. Without hesitation I told him to have Nick re-apply. About a week went by and I didn’t see the application come though. The next time I saw his dad I asked him and he said he would have him re-apply that night. I went in the next morning and sure enough there was Nick’s application! Within less than 2 weeks we were working together again. I was in charge of hiring, training and admin functions of the store and he was rehired to work in the warehouse instead of loss prevention. Any time we worked together we always found ourselves chatting and laughing together over silly things. Somehow I got his phone number and we started texting each other little by little. On New Years Eve I stayed over at a friends and I had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up just as midnight hit. For some reason I texted him and told him I hope that we can hangout outside of work soon. Then we started talking even more than before! We finally met up at the movie theater down the street and had our first date, I was so smitten with him. We were both extremely nervous and talked over dinner after the movie when he told me I actually knew his sister when I was younger which made everything seem like it was such a small world! We will be together for 4 year this January and it seems like the time really has just flown by!

how they asked

The day before our proposal, Nick’s brothers fiance texted me asking if we wanted to go to Matthiessen state park a place with a gorgeous water fall not too far away from us. I was a little hesitant because Nick was on nights and we never got much time together. I ended up agreeing and on Saturday 4/15/17 we headed down there to meet Sam so we could hike the area and see the waterfall again. We were in the car with his brother and it seemed like Nick was even less talkative than normal. The whole half hour car ride down there I was primarily talking to his brother, Michael. Once we arrived we started hiking and ended up at a stream where we took a few pictures and realized we made the same mistake we did previously and headed back towards the parking lot to find the right place. After a quick drive down the street we were back on track with the waterfall in sight! Just shy of three years earlier we made the same trip and Sam took some amazing pictures of us, luckily enough we both brought our camera to take some great photos for each other. As we approached the waterfall there were some kids sliding down the rocks into the pool of water that the waterfall was cascading into. We hiked up the rocks and started to take pictures in front of the waterfall. One of the kids ran past Sam and she whispered something to him. All of the sudden everyone that was under the waterfall was gone and she flagged us to head up underneath it. Nick and I took a few pictures and I was ready to go. He stopped me and started to tell me all of these sweet things and before I knew it he was down on one knee asking me to be his wife. I was completely surprised! Not only was it so well planned out he made sure it was the perfect day! After we took more pictures together and with Mike and Sam we headed back home to share the big news with our families (even though they both knew in advance). Shortly after Nick proceeded to hustle me to change into a nice dress and we headed to the city where we had a candlelit dinner at Spaggia the second best restaurant in the city to celebrate. This was a day that I will never forget and I still am speechless thinking about how thoughtful and wonderful Nick made every moment of that day!

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