Rachel and Miles

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How We Met

Miles and I met in college, while we were attending schools across the country from each other. I grew up in Southern California, and he grew up in New Jersey. At the time, I was in my sophomore year at Texas Christian University, and he was in his junior year at the University of Southern California. I was on spring break and decided to spend the week back in California so that I could see some of my friends from home. My long-time best friend Jason invited me to a party that they were having at his fraternity at USC. When I got up there, we headed over to the fraternity house a little early so I could meet some of his friends. Little did I know, I was about to meet my future fiancé.

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Jason and I went into one of his friend’s rooms where they were playing Fifa, which is where I met Miles. We immediately hit it off, exchanging some fun smack talk while he was playing the video game, which he eventually lost (he apparently was trying to impress me and felt like he failed, which I still find to be hilarious.) I had no intentions of starting a relationship at this point in my life, let alone a long distance one. The universe had different plans for me, however, and we spent the next and final two days of my spring break inseparable. We were both extremely sad that I had to go back to Texas, but luckily for us, I already had plans to go back to California a few weeks later to see my family for Easter.

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Fast forward to that Easter visit, and from that weekend forward, we were officially together. Doing long distance from the start was more than difficult, but we were lucky enough to visit each other every few weeks and spend the summers together. Finally, I was able to graduate a semester early and move back to Los Angeles to start my career and move in with Miles.

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how they asked

Leading up to the proposal, Miles knew I would be picky about the ring, so we took a trip to New York together to pick one out. We decided on a beautiful diamond, but I wasn’t allowed to see the finished ring until he proposed. Miles loves to tease me, so he kept telling me different times of the year that he would be proposing and then changing his mind, which definitely kept me on my toes!

I’m an artist, and I had been talking about wanting to do a gallery showing for my friends and family for quite some time. Miles knew how important this was to me, so he decided to put together a showing so that all of our friends and family could see my art. I should mention that I’m pretty gullible, so I had literally no idea what he actually had planned. I thought that it was just going to be a fun night with friends, champagne, and art. Recently, Miles started to get into art himself and told me that he painted me a surprise painting that he wanted to revel at the gallery showing.

It was a hectic day, as my best friend Gabby (who had flown in for the gallery) and I prepared all of my art to be hung up. I had asked her to photograph it for me so I could use it for my portfolio, and little did I know that she had already planned on photographing the event for a completely different reason – the proposal!

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About an hour into the gallery, all of our guests had arrived, so Miles told me he wanted to reveal his surprise painting. He had covered it up by taping paper over it. I started to slowly remove the paper, not wanting to accidentally dislodge the painting from the wall, and everyone was telling me to rip it off faster. I ripped off the paper, revealing a gorgeous painting with the words “will you marry me” painted over it! I turned around to see Miles down on one knee, holding my amazing, beautiful, completed engagement ring! My eyes immediately filled with tears as I said yes to the love of my life, surrounded by all of the most important people in my life.

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It was the most perfect surprise proposal that I ever could have imagined, and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with the perfect man!!

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I have to give special thanks to my friends for being a part of this amazing surprise, my friend Jason for introducing us, Miles’ parents for helping us pick out the ring, my parents for the endless support and love, and Malcolm Roberson for the venue and assistance in planning!

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Special Thanks

Gabby Zeagler
 | Photographer
Malcolm Roberson
 | Planning