Rachel and Michael

Image 1 of Rachel and Michael

How We Met

We met in grad school at a party thrown by mutual friends. (We were in different programs) We then remembered we actually met on the first day of school in line getting pictures taken for our IDs. He talked to me about how it was raining outside and told me my picture was going to be great. We “thumbs up’d” as I walked out.

How They Asked

We went to visit friends in Reno, NV, he made me think the trip was my idea, I booked the flights/paid for the tickets and everything. Thought we were just going on a hike in Emerald Bay, we had done this hike 2 years prior when in town for our friends wedding. Toward the beginning of the hike we found this rock we had taken a picture on two years prior, we wanted to take another one (you know cute Instagram post side by side). After we took a few pictures he grabbed my hands and said “we didn’t come all the way out here just to see our friends” and he got down on one knee and proposed! (See attached photo) if that wasn’t amazing enough he had a whole day planned with lunch at an amazing Bay side restaurant and sunset cruise around Emerald Bay. We finished the evening by watching Harry Potter ( my favorite movie) or so I thought. With the help of my family he had included well wishes from family and friends spliced into the beginning of the movie. After he said we were not returning home to MI but flying to Chicago to see family/friends. (Which was a surprise to me seeing as I checked us into our return flight to Detroit at 5:30am that day) When we arrived my family had set up a surprise engagement celebration.