Rachel and Matthew

how we met

Matthew and I officially met our senior year of high school. While we had always known of each other, we were never in the same group of friends. When we were younger, my dad had been Matthew’s football coach, and our parents remained friends. During senior year, Matthew and I had English together, which is where it all started! Every day that I walked into class, Matthew would ask me how my day was going or how I was doing in general. After a while of him asking me how I was everyday, it finally hit me that he genuinely cared about me. One day, he got up the courage to ask for my number, which is truly where it all began. A few weeks into getting to know each other better, and after a few dates, Matthew asked me to be his girlfriend. We both knew that we were meant to be together. About two weeks after we started dating, Matthew and I looked at one another, and said that we were stuck forever together!

how they asked

Three years went by, in which we both attended Liberty University. At the start of our final year, Matthew finally asked me to be his wife! It was absolutely perfect!! I was assisting Ashley of Faith Photography at a wedding in Myrtle Beach during the last weekend of September. Matthew’s best friend Jake, who is also a photographer, was assisting Ashley with that wedding. Ashley (knowing Matthew’s intentions) suggested that Matthew assist Jake, so that we could all be together for the weekend. I was all for it, but little did I know that Matthew was about to ask me to be his fiance! He wasn’t supposed to come up until Saturday morning, but surprised me by coming up a day early. I had no idea what was going on!! Ashley asked to take sunset pictures of us on the beach, so of course we did.

I was so excited that he was there a day early and that we were getting amazing pictures on the beach. We made our way down to the pier when the sun was setting so perfectly over the ocean. I turned around to face the water, and the second I turned back around, Matthew was down on one knee.

With waves crashing at our feet, Matthew asked me to marry him!! Of course my response was YES! September 25, 2015 was a day that I will never forget! It was PERFECT!!

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