Rachel and Matthew

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How We Met

My Mr. Right came out of absolutely nowhere. It was my senior year of college and I was working part time at a local gym. I started noticing this handsome guy who would come in every day around 5:30. I soon caught myself talking to my friends about “the cute gym boy” pretty regularly. After a few months the entire gym knew about my crush on him, including Matt himself.

Finally, one Wednesday night he came into the gym with no headphones on. There weren’t many other people in so we started chatting. One thing leads to another and I learned he was in grad school at my University but didn’t really know anyone from here. Once he finished his workout, I asked him if he wanted to grab a drink with some friends on Friday. I’m on cloud nine after he says yes until I realize I don’t have his number, and oh no, I’m not working Friday! I immediately called the girl who was supposed to work and begged her to have that shift.

Friday comes and I am beyond nervous to see Matt. He does his workout and asks if we are still on for tonight and if he can have my number. Unbeknownst to him I have no intentions of having my friends actually come a long! I texted him after work and made up a small white lie that my friends were going into the city tonight, but if he still wanted to go out I was around. I nervously waited for the three little text bubbles to appear and he answered that he would still like to meet me out. That night we ended up talking in the corner of the bar until the lights came on. Here we are 5 years later and he’s still my cute gym boy!

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how they asked

Matt’s family vacations in Nantucket every summer. If you have ever been to the Island you know just how much charm and character it has. This year’s family vacation ended up falling on my birthday week. On the ferry over to the Island I jokingly made a comment that my birthday present must be pretty small if he was only bringing one duffel bag. He just rolled his eyes at me like it was any other time and told me not to worry, it fit perfectly.

The first few days went by and I didn’t detect an ounce of nervousness from him at all. Saturday night came and we had a family dinner planned to celebrate my birthday. Matt and I were getting ready in our room, as always I asked him which outfit he liked better. He’s usually a typical guy in this situation and will tell me something looks great without even looking up at what I’m wearing. This time he sat through every outfit change and gave his honest and true opinion on what he thought I should wear. I did think this was a little weird but I didn’t put two and two together about what may be happening.

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We go to dinner and drinks at the most romantic restaurant on Nantucket, Galley Beach. The restaurant is known for having the best sunset on the island. As the sun began to set I asked Matt if he would take a picture with me. He complained as usual so I still had no clue what was coming. I asked his sister-in-law if she would take them on my phone and she started snapping away. As we took our photos Matt started to get down on one knee. As terrible as this sounds, he has actually pretended to go down on one knee when taking pictures in the past! Naturally, I thought he was just kidding and trying to get out of taking more shots. This time he looked right at me and said “this ones real” and started reaching for his pocket. At this point I was so in shock and half blacked out over what was happening I just couldn’t believe it. As he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him I said yes a million times before the words even left his mouth. I actually physically grabbed the ring out of the box and put it on! He then got up and held me in the best embrace of my life while the rest of our family and the people on the beach started clapping. It was an absolute surreal moment and the best birthday of my life.

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Special Thanks

Emily Crenca
 | Photographed the first two pictures in this post.