Rachel and Matthew

How We Met

Matt first saw me driving my little Hilux Ute through the Hungry Jacks drive through with my sister. I didn’t know that anyone was watching (apart from the lady taking our order at the window) so I was just being my crazy self, singing my songs and just totally making a fool of myself. It just so happened that I caught Matts eye and his mates who he was with happened to know me. This particular afternoon then was followed by a Facebook friend request and a few casual messages back and forth.

I still remember walking into church on Christmas Eve which was a couple of weeks later, having already keyed up to talk to each other that night, but not knowing who I was really looking for. I went the whole service looking around but not being able to put my finger on who this Matt was exactly. I dont know why, but i was expecting someone tall … which he definitely didn’t turn out to be haha. Though, the important part was he turned out to be the person I could talk to about anything – even the most darkest, scariest mistakes and moments of my life, the person who cares endlessly for me in more ways then one, the person who I could share my dreams for the future with, the person who I know can’t imagine my life without. Later on, I found out that apparently it wasn’t the same situation for Matt. He knew exactly who he was looking for and he couldn’t stop looking across at me the whole service (typical boy spots the girl). Of course, I made the first move because he was too shy to talk to me.. and even though I was the brave one, I still managed to embarrass myself. Not just in front of him but also “your” … now “our” friend Ben. Can I just say how glad I am we will never have to meet for the first time again! I thought he was a nice enough guy but I didn’t see anything further for us as he told me you were moving to Brisbane in 2 weeks to start Uni.

A month or so later, we started to get to know each other over snapchat. Yes we had a 100 and something day snapchat streak by the end of it. It wasn’t long before my family started asking questions “Who’s this Matt?” because my phone was continually going off around the clock – no joke. My sister always said to me “I’m not sure this is a good idea. You’re building a relationship over a series of text messages” and to a degree I knew this was true but what could I do in this situation. I really struggled as I was building this really great friendship with someone that I had only physically talked to once in real life. We had both expressed that there might be something there – it was just too hard to tell when all we could do was text each other. He soon planned a trip to Bundaberg on his uni holidays and we had organised to go on a date… which could not wait. He drove up during the day as planned and after work we met at a little local coffee shop ‘Alowishus’ that afternoon. Yes, Matt will tell you I was so nervous – I was physically shaking and my heart was racing so fast… I thought I covered it up really well haha obviously not. But not much could be said for him … as while we were sitting down he knocked the pepper shaker off the table with his elbow – shattering it – which made that loudest noise in the little arcade we were sitting in. Apart from all of that we talked for about 3 hours straight with only 1 interruption per hour from Matt’s best friend Shaun… Yes Shaun was just ringing up to see how everything was going. Also at the end he also crashed our date by pulling up a chair and once again asking how everything was going at our “hangout” *wink wink*. All things aside I still think it was the perfect first date… which ended with my first kiss after he walked me to my car… also Shaun was there for this too – He just so happened to drive past revving his ‘Subie’ as it was happening haha! From this day, we started our long distance relationship… a new exciting but challenging chapter of our lives.

how they asked

On Wednesday the 7th June, at my family’s small acreage Matt proposed. It was my sister Beks birthday and I was working until 7pm then coming home to have a family dinner and birthday cake/dessert. That morning I was texting my sisters and telling them that today it was officially and exactly 10 months till our wedding day! I had already found out earlier in January, that Matt had bought a ring and asked my dad’s permission to marry me. Although we weren’t officially engaged yet, we both decided to plan some of our major wedding details beforehand…which is why we already had a date set for 2018. As I got in my car to drive home that night, certain things that had happened throughout the course of the day ran through my head… thoughts that I could be getting engaged surfaced but I quickly shut them down before I got my hopes up. As I pulled in the driveway my heart skipped a massive beat as I saw fairy lights hanging in our forest trees in our back paddock – I knew straight away that this wasn’t for Beks birthday. My dad met me at my car as I pulled it in the shed. He then asked me if I’d go check on Beks bonfire with him up the back paddock. We walked up to the shed and to the back paddock gate where dad kissed me on the head and then said “You have to go on here by yourself” … As I ditched my bag in the long grass I started to cry when I followed the fairy lit path. I could hear ‘Die a Happy Man’ by Thomas Rhett playing in the background (our song). Along the path were pictures of the memories we’ve made, I couldn’t see Matt anywhere in sight but the next time I looked up… he was standing right there waiting for me. We hugged and I cried as he told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He then reached behind him and picked up a customised ring box he had gotten made and then got down on one knee to ask me … “Rachel Leigh May, will you marry me?” … honestly one of the happiest moments of my life!! I honestly didn’t think I’d cry as much as I did, but how could I not when my God sent man just went above and beyond any expectation of a proposal I had! My little sister was also hiding in the bushes and she took some pictures for us to remember the night by.. her heart was beating so fast she couldn’t even keep the camera still for the actual proposal part but I still love them regardless. The night didn’t end there, as we went upstairs and were congratulated by my family and then not long after some of my cousins and other family arrived for Beks Birthday celebrations. All in all, I couldn’t have been more surprised… they all definitely got me! It was our special night that I’ll never forget. The long distance ends in the 7th of April 2018 .. we honestly can’t wait!

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