Rachel and Matt

Matt and I went to high school together although we were just friends, and we remained close for 11 years. Just last year, Oct 2010, was when we started dating. We dated for about four months when we decided that I would move into Matt’s house with him. This was a big decision for me, and I was pretty nervous about it. I kept telling him that I wasn’t moving in just to move in but that it had better lead to a proposal at some point! He agreed and we would talk about getting engaged on and off. During the next 5 months I would go back and forth on what I wanted for a ring – I love sapphires and so I knew I wanted that, but since I am a wedding planner I had to have a ring that was original and different!

So after much thinking, I finally told Matt that I wanted a custom ring and that I knew what I wanted, but he would have to let me be a part of the designing process. His first response was, so how do I propose if you want to be a part of it? I quickly told him that he could propose with any ring he found in my jewelry box and that I would be happy with that, and that we could design my real ring afterwards. It was now the beginning of June 2010 and I had a wedding booked for every weekend, seeing that is was summer, but one weekend, I had a Friday night wedding instead of a Saturday wedding, so I came home one night  earlier that week and asked Matt if he wanted to plan a random spontaneous overnight trip somewhere. We got online and decided to fly to Lake Tahoe early that Saturday morning and then fly home on Sunday.

Let me back track for just a sec – also during that week before Tahoe, Matt and I were talking about what kind of ring he might want, so we went to look at a few places and then came home without finding anything that he just really loved! We promptly got online and started looking around, at which point, I found a ring that he loved and it was the right size and everything. I asked him if he was sure he wanted that ring and if he was sure he was going to propose, to which he assured those were all true. So I bought his ring online, I actually bought two in case he loses one! Technically I bought his ring before he had proposed to me or purchased my ring!!!!! Guess we like to keep it interesting around here!

So, here we are on our way to Lake Tahoe and Matt is being uber affectionate and emotional. We get to our resort and we headed out to the dock overlooking the water – snowcapped mountains, crystal clear water, sun shining, it was gorgeous, beautiful… the perfect moment for a proposal except it’s freezing cold!!!!!!!! Mind you we came from 105 degree heat in Texas during the month of June to 50 degrees with a brick wind. So needless to say I couldn’t wait any longer and we headed back into the resort where the fireplace was with a  nice glass of red wine!

So now, it’s the middle of the afternoon and Matt leans over as we’re sitting by the fireplace, and he says “Hey Rach, so ah, do you ah, want to marry me?”  I actually thought he was joking because he had faked proposed about 20 times before this… and since I am a wedding planner, myself, I made him promise not to get down on one knee and do the whole “typical proposal’.

So after about five minutes of me thinking he is joking, he pulls out one of my big fake rings from my jewelry box and says… “I am serious this time” !!! It was great…. the firreplace, wine, mountains, lake…. it was the best proposal ever!!!


Rachel of Rachel Events is a wedding planner out of Arlington, Texas.

Photography by Tony Valadez of Flashbox Photography

Hair by Ryan Chambers

Makeup by Scarlett Chambers DeMoss