Rachel and Matt

How We Met

We met in the craziest way!! Just kidding, we matched on the app J-Swipe on Valentine’s Day in 2016. I was at a friend’s house, watching a movie and eating ice cream and mindlessly swiping through the app. Then, I swiped right on Matt! He was actually in town looking at apartments to move into the following weekend. We continued talking for about a week and decided to make a plan for our first date. I almost decided to cancel because I was tired from the workweek, but man, I am so glad I didn’t! We only planned to go bowling for our first date (I won both games, but in the last 3 years, Matt has redeemed himself), but we wanted the night to continue so we went out to eat at a restaurant in Bethesda Row. The night lasted so much longer than I anticipated because I had such a fun and amazing time with Matt. We scheduled our next date (making sushi) for 2 days later, and that’s when I knew Matt was the one. Matt knew I was the one after the first date, and even called his Mom to tell her! We moved in together in Bethesda, MD a year and a half after dating. Our rehearsal dinner before our wedding will consist of food and bowling since it was our first date. :)

How They Asked

In January, Matt told me that he was going to buy tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway as a birthday/master’s graduation gift because I was dying to see it! 4 months later, Matt told me that he got tickets to see the show on May 19th. We drove up to NYC, blasted the Hamilton soundtrack so we could learn some of the words, and stayed with my parents at their apartment. The show wasn’t until Sunday, so Matt asked me if I wanted to go to the Rockefeller Center building and go to the top. It was such a beautiful day so of course, I said yes!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Rockefeller Center - New York City

We walked 20 minutes to the Rockefeller Building, and once we got there, I wanted to read about the history before going up to the top and take pictures of the inside of the building. Weirdly, Matt (who is usually very interested in the history behind things – especially tall buildings since he’s an engineer) kept urging me to keep walking. Then, once we got to the middle floor, I was like “Let’s just see the view from this floor first, it’s a good view” and Matt said, “No, let’s keep going to the very top.” Reluctantly, I followed. Then as soon as we got up to the top and were looking out at the beautiful view, Matt said he needed to go to the BATHROOM!!

Rachel's Proposal in Rockefeller Center - New York City

I was SO confused and was just standing there staring out at the view. When he returned, he stood next to me, trying to find the words and I knew at that moment that he was about to get down on one knee. He spoke about how amazing the past 3 years have been with me and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I definitely blacked out for a few seconds because I forgot that I needed to speak. After a few seconds, I said “Obviously, yes!!” and kissed him in front of hundreds of people cheering and clapping.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rockefeller Center - New York City

Then, I turned to see our family friend, Stephanie, upon the next floor taking photos of the whole proposal! The surprises did not stop there. Once back at my parent’s apartment, people kept knocking on the door, and each time it was one of my friends coming to surprise me. At night, we all walked to a nice restaurant and once I got upstairs, I saw most of my family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) waiting for me! It was an amazing weekend, full of surprises – and in case you all are wondering…. we DID NOT go see Hamilton which was equally surprising!!!

Special Thanks

Stephanie Berkowitz
 | Photographer