Rachel and Mark

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How We Met

We met three years ago through a biking and beer group in Colorado. Having both been married before and not being treated well by our former spouses, we were clear on what we wanted and wouldn’t tolerate. We discovered a mutual love for biking, skiing, hiking, and especially traveling. We have traveled to Europe, Australia, and all over the US. We spend our summers biking and hiking and our winters skiing. With covid our spring break options were limited. We had never been to the Keyes. I booked an evening sunset sail among other fun activities.

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How They Asked

As the boat was turning into the sunset Mark asked the lady next to him to take our picture on the bow. He actually had typed on his phone a message “I am going to propose, please take lots of pictures!”

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As I ignorantly posed for “pictures” on the bow of the sailboat he got down on one knee…I was 100% surprised and never thought he could do that without me guessing. He’s truly an amazing man and we are lucky to have found the perfect match the second time around! Ladies never settle, the best man for you is out there!

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