Rachel and Marc

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How We Met

Marc and I met in a coffee shop exactly 5 years ago to the date he proposed. On June 1st, 2012, I decided to head to Second Cup to get some work done. Little did I know I would end up marrying the barista. As cheesy as it may sound, I truly believe it was love at first sight. When I walked into the coffee shop, our eyes instantly locked and I felt this connection with Marc immediately. As he made my americano, we exchanged shy smiles and small talk. Later, Marc mustered up the courage to join me at my table and ask me out. He took my number, and the rest is history. Funnily enough, Marc admits that moments before I walked into the cafe, he was discussing his “dream woman” with his co-workers. After we met, he was debating on coming to speak with me, when finally a regular client urged him on by saying, “this could be the woman you marry…”

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how they asked

We have always deemed the day we met, June 1st, to be our anniversary date. On our fifth anniversary of dating, we planned a low-key night of sushi and drinks to celebrate. Before leaving, Marc requested we stop by Second Cup before heading to dinner. The romantic in me loved the idea of going back to the spot we met five years ago. We arrived, ordered our usuals, and sat outside on the patio (at the exact table he asked me out at!) Moments later, Marc points to an approaching dog, and says, “oh look, that’s a cute dog.” I turned to look, did a double take, and there was our sweet dog Teddy walking towards us. My dog’s sweater read, “Will you marry my daddy?” Marc dropped to one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. It was so perfect and intimate. He asked his friend and photographer to capture the moment. I am so glad to have pictures to look back on this day!

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