Rachel and Louis

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Central Park

How We Met

It was both of our seniors years in college. Louis was studying aviation, and I was studying finance. We should never have crossed paths. But, my college roommate had just begun working at the campus library where Louis also worked. On the day we met, we had absolutely zero interest in seeing each other, and we were friendly, but not friends, for the next two years.

Rachel's Proposal in Central Park

I moved back home to New Jersey after graduation and began working. Louis stayed in Virginia to pursue an MBA. After two years, I decided to accept a job in our old college town where Louis was still living. We reconnected through new friends and after a few short months decided to start dating.

Where to Propose in Central Park

How They Asked

My mom had called me to tell me that, for my sister’s 13th birthday, we were going into New York City to see Wicked. So I invited Louis and two of my other friends from Virginia to make the trip up with me. Since one of my friends had never been to New York City before, she asked if we could walk through Central Park.

At this point, we had been in the city for hours and I was beginning to think I had wasted my engagement outfit on a trip that would not include an engagement! They offered to take a few photos of us together since the sun was about to set. Louis had said we should take our coats off for the pictures.

Since it was February and 7 degrees outside you could say I was not thrilled he requested that. As we were taking pictures, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life loving him and for me, there has never been an easier answer.

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