Rachel and Loren

How We Met

Like many millennials, we very romantically swiped right on Tinder in 2015. We talked every day for a couple of weeks but nothing ever came of it and we lost contact for a couple of months and went our separate ways. **Side note/funny story: my Maid of Honor, Priscilla worked with a girlfriend (also named Lauren) of one of Loren’s friends, Tyler. We all separately went to this New Years’ party in DC at the Newseum. We met up with Lauren and Tyler around midnight but Loren had gotten separated from his friends and I had to leave the party early because I had to work the next morning.

We found out that we were at the same party months later and joke that we probably should have met that night.** Fast forward to March 2016, I got a text message from Loren while studying in the library for exams. We agreed to hang out and get to know each other and had our first date on April 4, 2016, at Jack Brown’s Burger and Beer Joint (and continue to have every anniversary dinner there as a tradition).

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We ate some good food, talked, laughed, and decided to have our second date later that week. That summer we traveled to Charleston, SC, and spent pretty much all of our free time together. In July, Loren decided to rescue a Pitbull from Richmond Animal Care and Control and that’s how we got our sweet little Adeline (Addie). In June 2017 we moved into our first place together and in August 2020 we purchased our first house! We have managed to navigate through all of the ups and downs of life as a team.

How They Asked

I had a slight feeling that Loren might propose on our 5-year anniversary trip (04/04/2021). He gave me a rough idea of what we were going to do that weekend but his exact words were “don’t ask too many questions” (which isn’t really like him because we usually plan everything together). He also kept insisting that I buy something new to wear so that I would feel beautiful and confident (he always does this and wants me to feel my best, but this time just felt different). Unfortunately, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel our trip due to potential COVID-19 exposure. We were absolutely devastated but still managed to celebrate our anniversary at home together by getting Jack Brown’s and just being together.

*The original proposal plan: I was right! It was going to happen that weekend! Loren was going to have a private chef cook us dinner at a Bed and Breakfast in Charlottesville, VA, and one of his photographer friends was going to come up and take pictures of the proposal. He told me after we got engaged that one of the days he told me he was going to help his sister with something he drove all the way there to do a site visit to make sure it was perfect. I felt so horrible that his hard work didn’t come to fruition but it’s ok because it still turned out PERFECTLY.*

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A couple of weeks later Loren came to me and suggested that we get dressed up and have a nice dinner at Lemaire Restaurant at the Jefferson Hotel because we didn’t get to go on our trip. This restaurant is special to us because we had our 6 month anniversary dinner there and hadn’t been back since. I didn’t think much of it because it’s not unusual for us to have a spontaneous date night. We got ready and he kept mentioning that we should get there early so we could take a picture and walk around before our reservation. We thought to bring my tripod because we didn’t think anyone would be around to take a picture (because…you know…COVID). We arrived.

at the Jefferson and found a spot in the rotunda away from the front entrance. I set up the tripod but realized I forgot my Bluetooth remote, so I said I’d take a video and figured we could just screenshot to have some pictures instead of trying to do self-timer (boy, am I glad I did). I turned on the video, and after posing for a couple of photos Loren got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife.

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I barely remember what he said to me but all I know is that I was so shocked and couldn’t help but cry. Afterward, we had the most amazing dinner and spent the evening (and days after) on cloud9 telling all of our friends and family. We are so excited to get married and celebrate our love with all of the people we love the most.

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