Rachel and Lathan

How We Met

Lathan and I met freshman year of college at Taylor University. We were in the same english class and became friends through bonding over a horrible professor. After being friends for a few months, Lathan and I realized that there was something more there! So, I patiently waited for him to ask me to be his girl friend. Finally, Lathan asked me at 12:01am December 9th so that our anniversary would be on my favorite number and volleyball number, 9.

how they asked

Since Lathan and I live over 3 hours apart I didn’t think I would see him for a few weeks over the summer. My parents told me we were going out to eat downtown and so we all got dressed up and got in the car. When we stopped at a park just a few minutes from my house I was very confused. I got out of the car at the park to see a path of roses, each one with a note that said something Lathan loves about me on it. The roses lead to in front of a fountain where a long letter was laying.

Image 1 of Racehl and Lathan

I picked up the last rose with the letter and turned around to see Lathan on one knee. After I said yes we had a perfectly planned picnic in the park to enjoy the moment together. I thought the surprise was over until we drove back to my house to find a party of family and close friends awaiting us!

Image 2 of Racehl and Lathan

Image 3 of Racehl and Lathan

Image 4 of Racehl and Lathan

Image 5 of Racehl and Lathan

Image 6 of Racehl and Lathan