Rachel and Kyle

How We Met: Six years ago when I moved to Brownsburg, I joined a gym with my mum. We were walking on the treadmill and I saw Kyle and I turned to her and said, “one day I will marry that man.” I fell for him instantly. There is a 10 year difference between us, but in my heart I always knew he was the one I wanted to spend my life with. The next week I asked him out and we have been in each others lives ever since. I am a kid at heart and love to just have fun. We enjoy putt-putting, playing horse, corn hole, card games…ect. We opened up a gym together, Exact Fitness, and work non stop. So, we decided to take a day off during the week and go to Kings Island. It was just a perfect fun day for us, and the weather was amazing. We sat down by the water fountains to enjoy an Auntie Annes preztel (love them) I am about to get up and I see him kneel down and pull out a box from his pocket. I say, “are you serious right now!?” Thats when he asked me to be his wife. I was shocked, couldn’t believe he had the ring in his pocket the entire time, especially on the roller coasters! This man has always had my heart and I can’t wait to become his wife and live the rest of my life with him!

Image 1 of Rachel and Kyle