Rachel and Kevin

I work in the transportation industry….as does Kevin. It took a co-worker that knew us both to have me send a business email, the only conversing we had til then, with a little personal connotation. And the rest is history. Whether it was NASCAR, travel or work we soon carried conversations that became personal and what was going in in our lives. We were friends and I knew he was someone special and there definitely was a connection. Once I actually met him, I knew that there was something there and I would make him fall in love with me…well, let’s just say…we ladies always get what we want! ??

Image 1 of Rachel and Kevin

As for the proposal. Well it was amazing.

This all began about 5 years ago actually….Kevin took me to Atlanta to a bead show and out of the corner of my eye in a glass case was a beautiful, brilliant, fiery brown stone and I immedately was intrigued by this stone. So, anyone who knows me knows that I Google and will become obsessed and find out all I can and research all I can on something that’s intriguing…..and so I did. And the stone was decided at that point…..a Demantoid Garnet from the faraway country of Madagascar.

After 5 years, Kevin kept the gem cutter’s business card and stayed on contact with him til the time was right. The stone was bought 13 months before the engagement and I was patient….very patient. 9 1/2 years of dating and knowing a stone existed without stealing thunder and going crazy was hard. Very hard. Well, we went to go look at settings…..we walked into Shane Co and within 2 settings, I was in tears as well as the salesman. I found the setting. This was my first bridal moment. I am a believer now. This was all done in a slight backwards way…..but, what an amazing, perfect serendipity, fate and destiny moment when a setting and a stone states apart never touching but already purchased end up fitting perfectly together to create a ring that is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment and patience and just is so stunning….it still takes my breath away.

This stone is an awesome story. How they mine these stones and how rare it is to find one without inclusions and to be anything over a carat…..this stone, besides being a dream come true and from my soulmate is priceless. A gem cutter has to know just how to cut these to get the perfect brilliant fire to flash green and brown and red and orange…..color just dances in it. I am so in love with it. Almost as much as I am with the man that gave it to me. I have seen this stone go from almost black to the brightest green and to a brown. It is wild.

But, before that part…my fiancé kays guitar and has a friend in a band. I was heading home on a Friday evening and thought it odd he called me to ask if we could be to dinner about 8 and that he told me where he wanted to go. That NEVER happens. Nope. Still no clue. We headed to our favorite local BBQ place in town, Monkey’s Uncle, and since it was a typical place I thought nothing of it. I always check their Facebook page for their specials and band and so the mystery of the time question was solved….his friend’s band was playing that night. Well, ok. Of course he wanted to get there at a certain time to see them. It took forever to get an order and to get the food brought out…now I know they were stalling, but as I was starving and eating and trying to chat….I became annoyed that Kevin was not eating and certainly not paying attention to me and I was getting short little answers. So, I was aggravated then. Til he was called up on stage as a special guest and proceeded to pick up his guitar and start to play. This man plays guitar but never sings in front of me much less in a crowded restaurant. For years I have asked him to learn to play Rod Stewart’s “Final Acclaim, You’re in my Heart”…..and that was what he was strumming as the tears started welling up, still with no clue what was happening, he started singing. I was just floored he was playing and singing in front of me and a song I have asked him to play for years. And here he was. So I was crying for that reason and with no clue what was happening, I was shocked as the words were altered a slight bit to ask……” Will you marry me?”…..in total shock and not comprehending what was happening, he came to kneel beside me and as I saw the ring, my fantasy ring, I knew it was really happening.

Image 2 of Rachel and Kevin

It might have taken me a while to realize it and a while longer to actually say yes and even longer to notice he had a small group of our family there…..it was the most perfect amazing moment, evening, proposal ever. I will never forget it and will always love that man. He made my dreams come true….in that moment. In that time. Nothing, no one else existed, only me and him. We were all that mattered. Time stood till for us. Long enough for me to capture every image and cherish it.

Image 3 of Rachel and Kevin

That’s my proposal. I still smile and stare at my ring as much as I can. It’s just as beautiful and I’ll never tire of looking at it.

Special thanks to Monkeys Uncle in Griffin, GA and Wayne Chasteen and the B Side Band for being co-conspirators.

Image 4 of Rachel and Kevin