Rachel and Kenny

How We Met

On a cold Sunday in February, I laid in my friend Irene’s apartment feeling the lag from the previous night misadventures. Irene had a new roommate Ashley, that had moved in just a couple week before. Ashley told us that her friend would be stopping by to see her new apartment. This didn’t bother me as I intended to spend the entire day in bed in absolute darkness. I emerged a couple hours later to find Ashley talking with a hansom gent in the living room. “Hey Rachel, this is my friend I was just talking about.” I gave a brief hello, and then darted into the bathroom to fix the left over make-up from the night before. Once I emerged the 4 of us continued to visit until He and Ashley left. I remember that he was funny, complimentary, and charming. So I asked Irene to give him my number. He didn’t call or text me right away. In fact I gave up on him because It took him 3 weeks to finally muster up the courage to text me. When he did finally contact me and we met, it became the best gift I have ever been given. One that continues to grow and deepen in love every day.

Image 1 of Rachel and Kenny

how they asked

Saturday morning we woke up in Long Island sore from moving the day before. We were moving to San Francisco in 3 days and still had so much left to do. To get us up and running, Kenny suggested we go for a hike. Hiking has always been a hobby of ours whether we were in NY or visiting my family in Texas. Looking back I should have been suspicious when he insisted that I shower before we went hiking. The place Kenny decided where we would go hiking was where we did our first hike. We entered Shu Swamp, and I was speeding through the trail and then we came up on the wooden deck. This morning it was lined with silver star balloons, white ribbons, and bright yellow sunflowers. I breezed right passed all of this thinking that this was for someone else birthday or celebration. It wasn’t until I got to the alcove in the middle of the pond did I see the words, “Will You Marry Me?” spelling out in wooden letters. When I saw this it finally hit me. OH MY….It’s Happening! I turned around to see him grinning form ear to ear with his hand held high, as if I had just scored a touch down. His hands were shaking, his voice quivering and all he could say was..”so will ya?” He pulled out the ring, got down on one knee and I said yes. Of course YES! His family and best friends then came charging down with smiles and tears pour out to us. Later that day he surprised be again when he flew my entire family out from Texas to be there for a surprise brunch. Truly the most magical day I have ever had.