Rachel and Kameron

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How We Met

Kameron and I met in middle school art class. One of his friends came over to my table and pointed to Kameron and asked if I knew him. He told me, “he said he’s going to make you his girl someday.” I knew who Kameron was, but that was about as far as our relationship went on my end, so that was all that came of it for a while. Now fast forward to our freshman year of high school. Once we finally kind of knew each other, Kameron asked me to be his girlfriend. I had had boyfriends in the past, but none that ever really made me feel anything. I didn’t think it was possible to truly love as young as we were, so I always tried to keep everything superficial. But Kameron was so different from what I expected. I would never admit it, especially to myself, but was falling in love with him. And every time my heart fell deeper, I pushed him away. I knew exactly how to keep him at arms length, but Kameron relentlessly pursued me throughout high school, and I could not understand why.

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I could not believe that he truly loved me. We never really dated anyone else, but Kameron and I were on and off all the way through senior year, and despite how frustrating I know I was, we became best friends. When we were planning for college, I remember dreading the thought of losing him, but I didn’t see how it could end any other way. What I didn’t understand was that Kameron was already all in, and he had been from day one. Kameron told me exactly why he knew he would never stop loving me. Back when we were in middle school, Kameron sat through a talk about girls and relationships in his youth group. The speaker talked about being tired of pointlessly dating, and he prayed that God would allow him to just know it when he saw the woman he would marry. Kameron had decided that that’s what he wanted too, and he prayed that same prayer. And that’s how he knew. How he loved me so easily and why he never stopped pursuing me, because he had known since art class that I was the one he was going to marry. To this day, I love this story and what it says about Kameron’s faith and God’s faithfulness and love for me!

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Even when I gave him every reason to run the other way, he didn’t. It still took me some time before I finally let my walls fall, but the only thing getting in the way of me and Kameron was me. When I finally acknowledged that I was in love with this seriously amazing human being, nothing had ever felt more right. And so I was finally all in too. I knew he was it, and it became more and more evident to us that God had been intimately planning our lives and our story from day one. Countless airports, plane rides, trains, road trips, and months at a time apart, and we finally made it through college! Fast forward some more into real jobs and grad school and we’ve made it to present day and to the beginning of forever!

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how they asked

Kameron and I had planned a trip to the Biltmore House with friends for right after Christmas, and that’s where the magic happened! We had just finished touring the house, it was freezing, and the huge tree out front was decorated with a million lights. Kameron knew I wanted to get pictures in front of the tree, but it was cold and late, and I didn’t want to make all of us go down there, so I said it was fine, and that we could go ahead and catch the shuttle.

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But, of course, Kameron insisted that we should walk down. Around at the back side of the tree, there was no one else around, and we and the couple we were with took turns taking pictures. As we were finishing up, Kameron took a card out of his pocket and asked me to read it. As soon as he handed it to me, I knew what was coming! I couldn’t even finish reading, and I had tears rolling down my face! It didn’t matter that I’d known for years that I was going to marry him, when Kameron got down on one knee, that pure rush of joy is a feeling I will never forget!

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And in the middle of all this bliss, it started to snow! I said YES, and I am going to marry the greatest man I have ever known!

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