Rachel and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I have known each other since we were little kids. We went to preschool together all the way up until we graduated high school. I always had a crush on Justin – whether he knew that or not I’m unsure of. We had a little fling our junior year of high school, and half way through our senior year we started dating. We went to our senior prom together, graduated high school, and then spent the summer together before we went off to college. Before we started dating we had already chosen the colleges we were going to, and they just so happened to be 500 miles apart. Needless to say, the long distance didn’t work out, and it was a really rough break up shortly after college started in August 2012.

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I think we hated each other. We didn’t talk and we didn’t see each other during school breaks or the summers. Two years later, September 2014, we ended up talking again, and we became friends, but that’s all. I could feel something, but I was seeing someone else and was still 500 miles away. We kept in touch, but nothing more than that. Fast forward another year and a halfish to December 2015. I was no longer seeing anyone and Justin and I were talking again, but he thought I was still seeing someone – I never said I was single and I never said I was taken, because why would I mention that?

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Anyway, we made plans to meet up at the bar, the most common hangout place for our entire town.Keep in mind that we hadn’t actually seen each other in three and a half years, so the nerves were pretty high for both of us. We made eye contact and I turned around and thought crap, but knew I had to go see him because it was too late to turn back. I walked over and gave him a hug, and honestly, as cheesy as it sounds, the rest was history. All the feelings came back but better, like they never quite left, even after being apart for three and a half years.

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how they asked

Let me start by saying that everyone knew about this proposal but me. I don’t know how everyone kept it so quiet! I lived with Corey, my best friend, at school at the time all this was happening (once again, still 500 miles away). The three of us graduated from high school together, so Corey and Justin were good friends too. He was texting Corey and asking questions and making plans. They were being SO sneaky and I had no idea! Corey did a good job because we lived together and we had classes together and basically spent every waking moment together. So, here we go. I had mentioned to Justin that I wanted a rain jacket for Christmas, so the rain jacket is what started it all. Fast forward – I’m home for Thanksgiving break. My mom tells me to come over to the house to look at some clothes, because she ordered them from China and they didn’t fit her (this didn’t surprise me because this had already happened before). We were at Justin’s Grandma’s before this, and usually he gets all antsy to leave after we’re there for so long because that’s just the way he is. But this time he wasn’t antsy.

He never mentioned anything about leaving. I noticed it, but didn’t think anything of it. He knew we had to stop at my mom’s so finally I said okay let’s head over to my mom’s. Now we’re at my mom’s house and it’s just her there. I sit in the living room chair and she brings out the same rain jacket I had asked Justin for for Christmas. I said, “This? This is the rain jacket you ordered from China?” I was so confused and blabbered on about her ordering it from China because it was an expensive brand and I was overall just so lost. Finally she says, “Rach just try it on and see if it fits.” So I stood up and tried it on and walked over to the mirror to look. I stuck my hands in the pockets and pulled out the tag. — Corey noticed over our many years of friendship that when I try clothes on, I always stick my hands in the pockets.

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I had no idea that I did this, so she reassured Justin that I would stick my hands in the pockets to grab the tag. — I looked down at the tag, and on the tag Justin wrote, “Will you marry me?” I was in complete and total shock. I had no idea about anything and had put nothing together when my mom walked out with the rain jacket. I looked at Justin and the first thing I said through teary eyes was, “Is this for real?” It took me at least a minute to say anything else. I just stood there hugging my best friend, getting tears and probably snot on his shirt. Finally he says, “So, is that a yes?” He’s a goofy guy and I wouldn’t have expected him to say anything else. I laughed and cried some more and said, “Yes!” It was a very sweet, intimate, thoughtful proposal that I never saw coming. Oh, and I lalalalooove my ring!!

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