Rachel and Joseph

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How We Met

Joseph and I met while working at the same architecture firm in downtown Dallas. We became fast friends and started spending a lot of time together outside of the office. One day, I called him out for liking me (guys make it so obvious sometimes) and that the feeling was mutual… BUT I didn’t want to date. We could just be good friends. After going on several non-date dates, Joseph told me I couldn’t avoid it anymore because we were in fact dating. I caved… BUT told him I wasn’t ready to be anyone’s girlfriend. He again so patiently and wonderfully put up with me and continued to take me out. On one of our dates we decided to walk White Rock Lake. I asked Joseph, “Do you feel like I’m your girlfriend?” to which he replied, “Yes”. That was that.

(first picture of us together… It was obvious he had eyes for me all along :))

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how they asked

Fast forward to June 25, 2016. I had a girls day at the pool with my roommates and we decided to have a night out in the city. As we were driving to the restaurant, they pulled off into White Rock Lake. I got out of the car to see 30 of my closest friends and family lining the bridge and Joseph standing with a bouquet of red roses. He led me down to the lake where candles and red rose petals were spread out everywhere. He got down on his knee and with tears in his eyes asked me to be his wife.

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I, trying to be cute and respond to him in Mandarin (Joseph is Taiwanese and had been teaching me the language since we started dating), accidentally said “uncle” instead of “yes”.

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He obviously understood anyway because today he is my fiance! That night we had a huge pizza party with all of our friends and began our adventure to marriage. We are so blessed to have each other and be surrounded by the people we love most. I can’t wait to marry him this spring!!

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Special Thanks

Haley Ringo
 | Photography