Rachel and Jordan

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How We Met

It was Labor Day weekend when it all began. Every year at that time I would spend many hours enjoying the end of summer at our County Fair. At the time, I had no idea that this event I looked forward to as a child would become something even more special. It was only my first week of high school, so I had no idea that I would be meeting my future husband there. Anyhow, as the story goes, my best friend and I were meeting up with another friend of mine who was a junior in high school. He told us that a few of his friends were coming as well. So, we spent the day enjoying the fair, then at some point we all sat around this field next to one of the fair’s attractions, Western Reserve Village. As we sat there my friend told us that Jordan was going to be there any minute. The next thing I knew, this guy with the most perfect smile came walking up. The moment he arrived I looked at my best friend and whispered “oh my gosh, I need him!” (haha I was a teenage girl). Of course the whole night I was in my glory walking around the fair with this guy I immediately had a huge crush on. We went to the 50 cent pop stand where we were planning on getting a few cans of pop. Jordan told me that he would get mine. I still find it funny how excited I was about that (I saved the tab and I have it to this day). In the coming months we talked and hung out many times, each time it became more obvious how much we liked one another. Finally, in November, the boy I had a huge crush on asked me to go steady with him. The rest really is history. For seven and a half years we have never left each other’s side. It’s crazy to think about, but I have graduated high school and college all with him right next to me. In a lot of areas we are complete opposites, but we respect our differences and love each other because of them. That day when I told my best friend I needed Jordan I never could have imagined how true it really would be. Jordan has been my biggest supporter, the person that makes me truly happy, and the one that completes me in every way possible.  As cliché as it may sound, without Jordan I never would have grown to be the person I am today.

how they asked

Jordan knew better than anyone how hard I had worked in college. He also knew that I would be going to med school in a few months. With those things in mind, he wanted to do something special for me. So, for my graduation gift he was treating me to a west coast getaway, and it was time for takeoff the day after graduation! We were starting in San Francisco, spending some time in Napa Valley, then driving down the coast to see my brother just outside of Los Angeles, and finishing it off in our favorite place, Las Vegas. Each place was absolutely amazing, but Napa Valley ended up taking the prize for the best part of the whole trip. We had decided on the vineyard we wanted to visit a few months earlier. It was a beautiful castle nestled in the hills of Napa Valley. Before we went I found out online that the best views from the castle were from atop the North Tower. Unfortunately, I also read that it was not available to the public on the tours, because it was only for special events. So, fast forward to our Napa visit. It was a beautiful sunny day. The grounds were breathtaking, and there was even a hill with farm animals (I love animals, so I was pretty excited). We also had a fantastic tour guide giving us a wonderful tour around the castle. Following the tour we had our tasting. However, before the tasting we were informed that the two of us won a special additional tour that would take place after the tasting. So, we tasted the delicious wine, and then we began our extra tour. Last stop on the extra tour…the North Tower! We went up into the tower and a table with wine, fruit, cheese, and roses was awaiting us. Being the animal lover that I am, I wanted to walk around the tower, so we could see the hill with all of the animals on it. However, when we turned the bend there was the surprise photographer (oops, haha). Next thing I knew Jordan was leading me back to the table where he read to me a letter he had written for this special day. One of the lines from the letter, “I want to tell you “I love you” more times than I can count.”  I couldn’t believe it. After seven and a half years Jordan was proposing! Of course my answer was YES. Looking at the pictures I don’t think I’ve ever smiled more, or bigger, in my entire life. I am beyond excited to spend a lifetime smiling with the guy I fell in love with the moment we met.

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