Rachel and Jordan

Image 1 of Rachel and JordanHow we met: Jordan and I met at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, in 2010. He was a junior and I was a freshman, and we ended up taking a class on Germany. His opening line “let me do you a favor, and give you my number” didn’t earn him much good will initially, but we eventually started talking and the way he talked about his mom, and family, made me realize he was actually a complete sweetheart. We started dating a few weeks later and it’s been an adventure ever since.

how they asked: Jordan did ROTC through school, and after graduation was stationed in southern Germany with the U.S. Army. We maintained our relationship long-distance and after my first visit in the summer of 2012, he decided he wanted to propose. So for months, he planned and saved and planned some more. When he came home for Christmas that year, he asked my parents for their blessing, which they readily gave.

I flew out to see him over my spring break, and we took a long weekend in Paris. I had come up with an overly booked itinerary to see as much of the city as possible for our first visit, but he clearly had bigger plans. When we arrived at the hotel and dropped our bags, he whisked me off to lunch and then to the Louvre. Despite the freezing temperatures, he insisted on walking to see the hallways in the Pyramid courtyard and I obliged, albeit begrudgingly. As we got about halfway down the hallway, he stopped and kissed me, and asked how many years we had been together. I’m sure I made some sort of face, but then he started fidgeting with his breast pocket in his coat as he told me he wanted a few more years and asked me to marry him while getting down on one knee. I was utterly stunned and overjoyed…immediately pelting him with questions. Unbeknownst to me the whole time, he had a photographer capturing the entire moment, and then we took our (literal) engagement photos all over Paris. It was perfect and I know every day that I’m a lucky woman to have found such a doting guy.

Image 3 of Rachel and Jordan Image 2 of Rachel and Jordan

Photos by French Grey Photography