Rachel and Jordan

How We Met

Jordan and I met through mutual friends about 3 years ago. We didn’t get the chance to talk much except for exchanging a few words, hi my name is…, and cordial group conversation.

In October of 2018, I randomly commented on an Instagram story he had posted, I think it was of him working on his tractor, haha (which I thought was so cute)!

After that we casually started talking more and more, eventually decided together to “hang out” aka not calling it a date, but it was definitely a date.

After two months, we decided this was the real deal and had the dreaded “are you my boyfriend conversation” needless to say, we completely agreed that we were in fact together in a committed relationship and were both very happy about it.

How They Asked

In December of 2019, I woke up to a surprise note waiting for me. I quickly saw it was from Jordan. He told me not to worry (probably knowing that I immediately would) and to get dressed and be ready to be picked up by a black car promptly at 9 am. Immediately, I’m concerned about who in a black car was coming to pick me up and where am I going!

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But I do as asked (because oh my gosh, this could be it!!! OR possibly a Christmas gift surprise.. so I won’t get too excited) and get ready to be picked up. As I leave my house, a driver in a black Cadillac opened the door for me “to take me on an adventure” he said. I found a glass of champagne and fresh Krispie Kreme donuts waiting for me, oh thank goodness!

Rachel's Proposal in The Phoenix Cincinnati

Rachel and Jordan's Engagement in The Phoenix Cincinnati

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Phoenix Cincinnati

I was so excited (and confused) about where I was headed. Shortly, I arrived at my beauty salon and was told I have some appointments. After being treated like such a princess getting my nails done, a blowout and a mimosa and a coffee, I was ready to be picked back up.

My driver then delivered me to the historic landmark in Cincinnati, The Phoenix. He, of course, convinced me he was lost and we weren’t supposed to be there. Little to my knowledge, he was just waiting for someone to come out to lead me in.

After walking into The Phoenix, I was led up these gorgeous, old marble stairs (still very excited & confused!). Suddenly I hear music playing… then I see in a room with open french doors, a photographer, then some candles & flowers and finally after peaking around the door, I see Jordan (my now fiance) playing on a beautiful black baby grand piano the song “Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis.” He was smiling and beaming and at that moment I don’t think my smile could ever be as big.

I received the ultimate proposal that I never knew I wanted until I got it! It was curated by Honey Designs (who also designed my engagement ring) along with my fiance, Jordan, to create the most personal experience for us both.

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