Rachel and John

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How We Met

Before anything, there was music. I met John while working at a local Newspaper. I sold advertising and he designed it. Our office was loud and full of distractions. The only way I could hone in on my work, was to plug in the headphones and crank up the tunes. Spotify quickly became a daily necessity. John, being the newbie, had yet to discover the glory that is Spotify. Yes, I changed his life. I introduced him and we quickly discovered we had a similar taste in music. Before we had each others phone numbers we were sharing playlists. Our friendship grew over time and we became good friends. Until finally, we broke out of the friend zone.

how they asked

I thought it was just a little weekend vacay somewhere close to home. We were staying at one of our favorite hotels in St. Petersburg, Florida and everything seemed more than normal. We attended a friend’s Engagement Party Friday night, and had planned brunch at another favorite spot the following day.

Saturday morning we woke up and this just happened to be the one day that I was ready an hour and a half early. (Little did I know John was frantically rearranging things on his phone as he saw that I was apparently on a mission to beat “get ready records”.) We got to Oxford Exchange (our favorite brunch spot) and entered through the book store. We usually peruse before sitting down and this time was no different. We approached the first table of books and John pointed out a book that apparently was read to him as a child. He was super excited and surprised they had this book, and asked me to read it to him.

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“The Bears Search”. I opened to the first page and noticed one of the characters had the same nickname he uses for me. Still I wasn’t suspicious.

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As I read on, I began to realize it was our story and not a book from his childhood at all. The Spotify playlists, the lunch breaks, the weekend trips, our travels to Europe, and even moving in together; it was all here in these pages. With that realization, I think I blacked out.

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As I turned to the last page I realized what was happening. I looked up from the book and saw John getting down on one knee.

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He then asked, “Will you marry me?” With no hesitation, I managed to yell out YAAAAAS! Still in shock, hands shaking, and barely able to stand up straight, he placed the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen on my finger.

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After the proposal he pointed out our photographer who had been there hiding the entire time. We walked outside to get away from the noise and collect our thoughts. It was then, he told me he not only wrote the book, but illustrated it too. I treasured each page even more knowing he had created this beautiful story we could keep forever and eventually read to our children. My heart was full, and I was just speechless.

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The rest of the day I was on cloud 9. We ate brunch, and spent the following hours calling and Facetiming friends and family to tell the news. Little did I know what was in store for later that evening.

We went back to the hotel to relax before changing for our date night out. It was at this point John had stealthily unpacked my outfit for that evening. He managed to smuggle a white romper, floral heels, and matching jewelry in the lining of his suitcase. All new that he had picked out himself. (The man’s got style, what can I say)

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We were off to the rooftop bar of our hotel for what I thought was a drink before going to dinner. Oh how wrong I was. We stepped out from the elevator, walked around the corner, to see the cheering, smiling faces of our closest friends and family. The feelings I felt in that moment, I still can’t put into words.

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Dear Future Husband,

I only wish I could describe the emotions that filled my heart on October, 1st 2016. To say you made every minute of the day more incredible than the last would be an understatement. Thank you for knowing me the way you do, and making me smile bigger than I ever have before. I can’t wait to live in every moment of our next chapter.

Your Fiance´

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Special Thanks