Rachel and Joe

How We Met

Almost 9 years ago we met at a football game in high school. He was the quarterback at the time and we met through mutual friends after the game. During that year we got really close and our friendship turned into something more. We started to date and we have not been apart since we were 16. Now 8 years later we are still together, we went to college together and began living together. We are high school sweethearts :)

how they asked

We planned to spend that Saturday picking out pumpkins for halloween. We went to a local farm to pick our pumpkins, eat corn and press apple cider. On our way back home his mom asked him to run an errand for her, since we were close by. We stopped at Huntington Library to pick up something from their lost in found and he was “told” to go to the rose garden to pick it up. We got to the rose garden and he began saying sweet things about our relationship and he sat me down on a bench where I saw a pumpkin that read, “Rachel Will You Marry Me.” There was also a photographer getting a shot of the entire moment. After the proposal, he walked me into the tea room that was next to the rose garden. In the back room our parents and siblings were waiting to congratulate us. It was perfect.

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