Rachel and Jeff

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How We Met: Jeff and I met a few years ago at one of my best friend’s pool parties. My friend Ben called me up and said ” Hey Rachel, bring yourself and all your hot girlfriends over… my college buddies are in town this weekend.” **rolling my eyes at his request and laughing I decided I would go** I was only home that weekend because I was in a car accident a few weeks prior and had to get a new car. Jeff had passed up a beach trip with his other friends to just have a guys weekend.

The night started and …. I was the only girl who showed up.. all my friends were busy.

It was absolutely fate that brought us together that night… As I walked into the backyard and said “where’s Ben?” Not even acknowledging the man that I now know will be my forever. He responded ” He’s in the house” looking at me intently as I walked by and ran into the house where I proceeded to talk my head off to my friend. Then my friend, Ben, started talking about Jeff and what a great guy he is.. So I… obviously being aware of my surroundings now couldn’t take my eyes off of Jeff… There was just something about him that was different. Something was drawing us together.

After Jeff and the other guys consumed a grill filled with chicken, ribs, etc. Doing pull ups on a nearby tree and laughing hysterically… We spent the rest of that night talking and laughing and just having a great time. He also jumped off the pool house roof into the pool of course making an impression… for those of you who know more about our story you know what I am talking about!

The night proceeded and we all sat by the fire… all night long I noticed Jeff looking at me, I would catch him stealing glances in my direction with that cute smile on his face. The night ended with us lying on a hammock just talking and his friend came to get him and told him it was time to leave. Both of us visibly upset we exchange numbers and texted the rest of the night… not wanting our conversation to end.

The next day when I woke up I had a text from Jeff.. It read ” My knees hurt so bad from climbing up on that shingled roof last night” I laughed and immediately responded. Little did I know he had pondered what to send me all morning long feeling like he didn’t know what to say but had to continue the conversation. After that night we never stopped talking. we couldn’t get enough of one another.

how they asked: The best day of my life began when we were vacationing in Long Beach Island, NJ with his wonderful family. He was surfing all day and I was overjoyed with taking pictures of him… We always take pictures everywhere we go so it was no surprise to me that while we were on the beach he asked me if we wanted to get pictures down near the crashing waves. We walked hand in hand towards this beautiful rocky spot. I noticed that Jeff was acting off all day… seemed like something was on his mind (little did I know). As we walked he wouldn’t look at me…..

Then just as I was getting “suspicious” he stopped me in my tracks standing behind me holding me close and crying. He said “Rachel, I know how much you LOVE pictures **sob** you’re going to want to get this plane coming in our pictures!!”

Immediately without hesitation I turned towards him to look at him. His eyes were red with tears streaming down his face. He had the biggest smile I have ever seen as he got down on one knee in the sand. The WHOLE WORLD STOPPED and let us have our moment. the moment I have dreamed of since I have been a little girl. The moment the man of my dreams would ask me to be his wife. With that, he pulled a box out of his pocket, hand shaking the entire time, popping it open he said through his tears, “Beautiful, will you marry me?”

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I was totally stunned !!! This is actually happening!!! I could hardly control my excitement! I immediately said ” ABSOLUTELY! jumping into his arms kissing him! This was truly the best moment of my life and I hadn’t even looked at my ring or the plane that he had flying over the ocean for me! He said “did you see the plane” ME — NO!!! (for those of you who know me.. you know I don’t miss a beat so this was well kind of funny) – thank God he had the guy fly down the beach a few times. He was on his 3rd trip back when I finally took a moment to look away from Jeff’s beautiful smile to see a plane flying over the ocean pulling a banner that read ” Rachel will you marry me? Love Jeff <3″

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I shrieked with joy as did all of the other people on the beach. This was the point when it set in that we actually were not the only people on Earth. It felt like the entire world stopped to let us have that beautiful, loving moment. We looked around stunned as all of the people on the beach were standing up clapping and cheering for us. His parents were standing there, his mom was crying and his dad was proudly telling everyone around him what had just happened.

That day was the best day of my life so far, next to the day I walk down the aisle into his arms. He is truly my greatest blessing from God. I am so thankful to have him as my fiancé, my best friend and my life companion. Everyone deserves a love like this and don’t ever stop until you meet someone who truly makes you want to be the best version of yourself because of how they love you.

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