Rachel and Javon

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How We Met

It all started over 10 years ago when I met Javon in Washington, right after I graduated from high school. I was introduced to him by his sister at the time since we had mutual friends and I was also dating Javon’s friend. I met his parents and we spent the summer together, just as friends. However, at that time Javon started to like me but I didn’t see him as more than just a friend back then. I also planned to go away to college in Tennessee that fall. He told me if he came to college with me, that he would make me fall in love with him!

However, I told him that wasn’t going to happen. Haha! We added each other on Facebook and over the years we communicated every now and then, but didn’t really keep in touch.

Then, 10 years later, I flew up to Washington for a visit to see my mom and ended up running into him at church. Wow, 10 years sure changed a lot for me. I thought he was so handsome and couldn’t believe how attracted to him I was! He asked for my phone number right away (apparently he already had it in his phone)! We ended up going on our first date soon after and became inseparable. We fell for each other hard and fast! We talked for hours on the phone and became really close, long distance since I was in Tennessee and he lived in Washington. A few months went by and he asked me to be his girlfriend when I visited again for Thanksgiving. Then, he decided to visit me for Christmas in Tennessee. He stayed for a couple weeks and decided he wanted to move here to be with me. In January, he made the 2300+ mile trip across the country from Washington to Tennessee and…the rest is history!

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how they asked

On November 4, 2017, we went on a trip with our close friends to the mountains of NC in a little town called Franklin. We stayed in a beautiful remote cabin, with breathtaking views of mountains around us and the valleys below, all decked out in the vibrant colors of fall. My friend Caleb’s birthday was a couple days before, so we were planning on celebrating his birthday at the cabin, or so I was told. I was also told to bring a dress so we could “dress up and take pictures.” That Saturday afternoon, the girls cooked dinner while the guys went out to “hike.” Several times throughout the day, Javon kept disappearing (that should’ve been my first clue!), but I just thought he was enjoying being out in nature!

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Before dinner, my friends Brenda and Laura told me they wanted us to dress up and go take pictures before sunset at a lookout point. I agreed, still thinking it was for my friend Caleb’s birthday celebration. Still oblivious to the real plans, I went along with it and we all drove down to the lookout point. My second clue should’ve been when I noticed Javon was the only one wearing a tie, and for a second it did cross my mind that maybe he was planning to propose, but when he played it off and said he didn’t know why Brenda was asking us to dress up, I thought, oh, he isn’t planning anything! Lol! The other couple, Chris and Laura, drove to the lookout point ahead of us. Once we arrived, I got out of the truck (I was the last one since I was wearing high heels), all of the sudden they started singing “Happy Birthday” to Caleb. I joined in and Javon took my hand and we walked towards them. As I came closer, I noticed everyone looking at me, and I thought to myself, “Why are they looking at me? It’s not my birthday!” Then, as we walked down the steps that took us down to a big deck overlooking the gorgeous backdrop of the mountains surrounding us, my heart jumped in my throat and realized, this was not for Caleb; this was for me! Everyone stopped singing and as we walked down the steps, it got quiet. There were beautiful candles in pretty little mason jars filled with sand, creating a glowing circle. On the steps there was a beautiful treasure chest filled with sand and inside, was a tiny treasure chest. There were sea shells scattered all around (I love the beach)! My heart was beating so fast!! The moment I had dreamed about my whole life. He is going to propose to me! The emotions I felt can’t be described. My hands started to shake. Javon asked me to read a love letter he wrote to me. My eyes blurred as I tried to make out the words on the paper. I remember reading the last part, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you…Will you marry me?” I couldn’t believe this was actually happening! I uttered a little scream. He then knelt down on one knee and took the most beautiful ring out of the little treasure chest and said, “Will you Marry me?” I screamed, “YES”! I hugged and kissed him, almost pushing us both over. (I kept repeating that a lot!) Then tears started pouring down my cheeks and I couldn’t stop them!! Our friends were taking pictures and videos of the entire proposal. I was so happy to have them there with us; it was such a special moment. It was the most AMAZING feeling to be engaged to the man I love more than anything in the world! I couldn’t believe it was real. He had completely surprised me! We could not stop kissing and holding each other. It was a moment in time and a memory I will always cherish and never forget.

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