Rachel and Jason

Jason and I have known each other for years through youth group. Actually he found me rather annoying until I wrote him an affirming note on one of our camps. He started noticing my good traits instead of my annoying ones, and eventually asked me to start dating, but since I was in final year of high school at the time, I made him wait 4 months until after exams before I gave him my answer! We dated seriously with the intention of getting married and four years later he popped the next ‘big question’, and although I knew he was going to propose, I didn’t know how he would.

I only insisted that when he did it, it should not be in a fancy restaurant with a ring floating in champagne – romantic, but also too cliche for me. On proposal day he told me we were going out to a restaurant and I was quite disappointed he hadn’t listened to my explicit request. It also meant that we were going to miss youth group which I was really keen on going to, and if we were going to get engaged I especially would have wanted to go to celebrate with everyone. Nevertheless he insisted for me to trust him, and had me blindfolded as we left his house.

When I got out of the car still blindfolded, I could tell that I was on a private property, but I just didn’t think thatit was my own house! He took off the blindfold and I see flowers in jars all over the lawn, bunting and garland strewn in the trees and all these people that I love standing around the garden, family and friends from youth and school. He gave a little spiel that I registered none of at all, because I was so excited! except for “I thank God..” and “I have a question to ask you..” at which he prompted me to turn around and read ‘will you marry me?’ spelt out on pieces of toast held up by the younger kids from our youth group (which is called ‘Toast’) that we now lead together. I of course said yes and he put a beautiful ring on my finger.
marriage proposal

Image 1 of Rachel and Jason

I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect proposal than one in front of my closest friends and family (and I got to celebrate it with them just as I had wanted after all!) He had our close friends who do wedding videography as a hobby capture the whole thing, so we can relive it again and again.

Video by First Look Productions