Rachel and Jake

Proposal Ideas North Avenue Beach, Chicago, IL

How We Met

Rewind to 2011…Jake and Rachel met during high school in MN. Their mutual friends were also good friends so Rachel was eventually told that Jake had a huge crush on her (please remember this was high school). Once his birthday came around, Rachel got Jake’s number to wish him a happy birthday and this was the start of their forever.

It took about a year for the relationship to start – they would text here and there (yes STILL high school) but Jake got the nerve to ask Rachel on a date and this was her first yes. February 3rd, 2012, Rachel picked Jake up at his parent’s house since he was only 15 years old (he got his license a month after, thank goodness) and he brought out red roses for her. They drove to Red Lobster and had a date similar to how you’d imagine a high school date going – many awkward giggles.

March 17, 2012, Jake asked Rachel to be his girlfriend so came her second yes.

How They Asked

Fast forward to 2019…After 7 years of many long-distance stints, these two now share an apartment in Milwaukee and couldn’t be happier!!!

Jake took Rachel to Chicago for a weekend trip. On their way, he stopped at North Avenue Beach, overlooking the Chicago skyline, where he asked her to be his wife and forever best friend. This was Rachel’s favorite YES. He had scheduled a couples massage to follow the surprise and they adventured around the city the rest of their day. To end the night, they wined and dined at a steakhouse along the Chicago river!