Rachel and Haydon

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How We Met

It was young love. Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love. The feelings are mutual. And they all live happily ever after. Well, now they do.

It all started through mutual friends, with two friends (on separate occasions!) telling us within a week of each other that we’d be great together. Fast forward a few Facebook conversations (where I must say I made the first move by speaking with him first, and naturally him freezing up with my first ever utterance of “hey” typed in our Facebook conversation) as well as MSN chats, to where he now had my number. This was all well and good, but dad paid for my credit (still a retro prepaid historic) and Haydon wasn’t on the same phone carrier that allowed me to message him for free. So, being the gentleman he was, he decided to carry an extra phone around everywhere he went, just to talk to me. Being prepaid, he had to recharge every month. Now being in my final year of schooling, I wanted minimal distractions, and of course a boy texting me every 5 minutes just couldn’t be on the agenda. So I (apparently blatantly!) asked him if he could maybe not recharge his credit and just message me on Facebook instead because I needed to focus on my studies. Basically, in a nutshell I was the Big Bad Wolf and he wanted nothing more to do with me…or so I thought…

Fast forward again up to when I was going to university where we rekindled our relationship. Still living an hour a part, but having our provisional drivers licenses made things more manageable, plus, it was just a bonus he lived so close to my university. So naturally after him visiting me a few times there (even though he didn’t even go there himself, but came just to see me!), the pieces started falling in place and we became a little more than “just friends”.

how they asked

I’ve always said that I wanted a private engagement that didn’t have all the frills so I would know it was coming, and that there would ultimately be an element of surprise when the time came. And boy did he deliver.

On a recent long weekend, we went down the coast with Haydon’s family. The night before he proposed, his sister was painting her nails – he remembered I had always hoped my nails would look nice when the time came. After he kept on suggesting I paint my nails he thought there would be no doubt in my mind that I knew the time was nearly here. He even went to the effort of getting a massage, milk bath and manicure at a day spa for my birthday, endeavouring to persuade me to use it before the long weekend, but I had wanted to save it. In the end, I gave into his insisting and painted my nails.

Game Day.

The following day, Haydon took me for a walk along the beach where we had been the previous day. Haydon brought a ball along with him to keep his hands busy and hide the fact he was fidgeting due to how nervous he was feeling!

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While walking and talking, somehow we got on the topic of one of his friend’s and their recent engagement. Without a clue in my mind about what was about to happen I asked, “Do you reckon you’ll be nervous when you ask me?!” He responded with, “I don’t think so”, in jest I replied back with, “But I might say no…” Obviously, he was dying on the inside right now – I assume it’s not the thing you want to hear before you ask the biggest question of your life.

We continued walking to the end of the stretch of beach, and stood beside a huge rock face. I was taking a few photos of the beautiful surroundings when an elderly couple came up to look – well actually, I’ll say, investigate, the rock face. I’m not sure if they were geologists back in their time, or just really interested in the make up of the rocks, all I knew was that they were standing in the way of my panorama shot. All Haydon knew was that he’d just worked up enough courage to ask me his all-important question, and that they had just destroyed the atmosphere of his moment. When they eventually left, Haydon stood behind me and grabbed me tight around my waist and pulled me in close. He told me he “loved me more than wearing hoodies and track pants” (which is a pretty big deal). Not really knowing what he was going on about, I replied with, “I love you more than Peri Peri Chicken Pizza” (also a big deal). This went on for a while as we kept on one upping each other, and it also gave Haydon more time to get himself ready for big question. The game ended when Haydon one upped me with, “I love you enough to make you my wife – do you see where I’m going with this?” It was now that he dropped on one knee as he said he did not want to waste anymore time without me as his wife. It was now a ring he pulled out of his pocket – not that I could see it, due to the tears. “Rachel, will you marry me?”

It felt like everyone on the beach disappeared and even though I was completely frozen I somehow managed to say yes as Haydon slid the ring on my finger. It was a feeling I had never experienced before, where I felt time had stopped, yet simultaneously I felt the moments flew by… He dropped to one knee. He asked. He slid the ring on my finger. He stood up… Hang on a minute – too fast, too fast! Due to the flood of emotion and happy tears I was experiencing, my vision was somewhat hazy. Wanting to remember this moment for the rest of my life, I actually asked if he’d get down on one knee again so I could lock this permanently into my non-hazy memory bank! Isn’t he the sweetest?! I think so.

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